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Sausage appetizer in puff pastry

Sausage appetizer in puff pastry

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Simple and very good.

Thaw the puff pastry dough, spread a little with the rolling pin, grease the sheet with egg, sprinkle with cheese, put the sausage (attention, whole) and roll the sheet carefully, grease with egg and sprinkle with grated cheese

Wrap in baking paper and put the tray in the oven for 10-15 minutes, then remove and take the foil down, put it in the oven for another 10 minutes at 200 degrees to brown nicely.

It was super good, too bad it was a little ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Puff pastry appetizer, simple and quick snack

These small puff pastry squares are some of the most popular snacks in Italian bars. Because they are made extremely simple and are more than tasty, why not make them at home? They are ideal as an appetizer for parties and, if you want to change the popcorn when watching a movie, with something much tastier, I highly recommend this puff pastry appetizer. I go great with a glass of cold beer!

For this appetizer recipe, we chose Mutti products, more precisely double concentrate of Mutti tomatoes, indispensable for this recipe, and 2 tablespoons of ketchup di pomodoro Mutti. I love everything Mutti means, I have always been in love with their products. The tomatoes are from their own harvest, 100% Italian, and after only a few hours after harvest, the tomatoes are already packed. There are no taste correctors in Mutti products, only tomatoes and salt. They taste wonderful, natural, & # 8222and real tomatoes & # 8221, as my mother says.

What is Mutti tomato concentrate used for?

In addition to this delicious and quick appetizer, the concentrate is ideal for giving color, flavor and consistency to a wide variety of dishes. It is suitable for dishes that need a very long cooking period, such as stew, stew, goulash, but is also suitable for short cooking periods such as pasta sauces or other tomato-based sauces.

As for Mutti ketchup, I really only have words of praise. It does not contain preservatives or thickeners, it tastes so good that you feel like consuming it directly from the glass, without anything else.

Sausages in puff pastry dough & # 8211 tasty and quick appetizer, suitable for any occasion

Do you want to give a party at your home to invite all your friends? I recommend a delicious appetizer to serve as soon as I arrive. Puff pastry sausages are very easy to prepare and taste good. The recipe is explained step by step in the lines below. Try it now and enjoy the delicious taste of puff pastry sausages.

Necessary ingredients:

Method of preparation:

For starters you will need to thaw the dough. Take it out of the freezer and leave it on the table. Then spread the dough into a thin sheet and cut it into strips 2-3 cm wide.

Cleans the sausages of the skin. Wrap the strips of dough around the sausages so that they overlap.

After you have wrapped all the sausages in puff pastry, place them on a large tray lined with baking paper.

Beat the egg yolk with a fork. Grease the puff pastry with egg yolk and then put the tray in the oven. The sausages in puff pastry are baked at a temperature of 180 degrees for about 20 minutes.

After they are baked, take them out of the oven and place them on a plate. Leave to cool, then serve. This quick and easy recipe can get you out of trouble when you don't know what appetizer to cook.

If you liked our recipe, I recommend you to share it with your friends. I'm sure they will want to try it too because it is light and very tasty. In addition, it is prepared only from 3 simple ingredients.


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