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Maple-Roasted Quince and Sweet Potatoes

Maple-Roasted Quince and Sweet Potatoes

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  • Nonstick vegetable oil spray
  • 1 pound quinces (about 2 large), peeled, cored, cut into 1/2-inch cubes
  • 1 (12-ounce) red-skinned sweet potato (yam), peeled, cut into 1/2-inch cubes
  • 1 (12-ounce) tan-skinned sweet potato, peeled, cut into 1/2-inch cubes
  • 2 teaspoons coarse kosher salt
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup, divided
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh sage

Recipe Preparation

  • Position rack in center of oven; preheat to 425°F. Spray large rimmed baking sheet with nonstick spray. Combine next 4 ingredients and 1/4 cup maple syrup in large bowl; toss to coat. Spread mixture in single layer on prepared baking sheet. Roast quince and potatoes until tender and beginning to brown around edges, stirring occasionally and turning sheet around in oven halfway through roasting, about 40 minutes. Transfer quince and potatoes to bowl. Mix in sage and remaining 1/4 cup maple syrup. Season with pepper. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Recipe by Jill Silverman HoughReviews Section

Maple-Roasted Quince and Sweet Potatoes - Recipes

Week 7 of Fall Fest is here and this week we celebrate root vegetables. I've really been discovering more root vegetables this year with our local farmer's market. Turnips have been one of my favorite discoveries, and, in particular, baby turnips. Aside from being cute, they are super tasty! The baby ones are slightly spicy, but also sweet and juicy. My favorite way of making them so far is this recipe. It's really simple and a great fall side dish (it would also make a good Thanksgiving side dish). I'm always looking for new and interesting vegetable side dishes and this one is high on that list.

Maple -mustard roasted baby turnips
about 3-4 cups baby turnips, cleaned with ends removed
extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons real maple syrup
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper, to taste
chopped fresh chives, optional

Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil in the bottom of a baking dish. Cut larger turnips in half so they are all roughly the same s ize. In a medium bowl whisk together to maple syrup and mustard. Add the turnips and toss them together. Add salt and pepper. Add the turnips (and all the sauce) to the baking dish and place it in the oven. Roast until lightly golden, sticky, and fork-tender, about 20 minutes. Stir the turnips about halfway through the roasting process. Garnish with chives, if desired.

Cranberry Sauce

Fresh and frozen cranberries work equally well. If you are using frozen, add one to two minutes to the cooking time.

Makes about 2 cups


  • 3/4 cups orange juice
  • 1/2 cup Truvia for Baking or Domino Light sugar or 1 cup regular sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 (12-ounce) bag cranberries, picked through
  • 1 tablespoon finely grated orange zest

Bring orange juice, sugar, and salt to boil in medium saucepan over medium heat. Add cranberries and simmer until slightly thickened and two-thirds of berries have burst, about 5 minutes. Stir in orange zest Transfer to serving bowl and cool completely, at least 1 hour. Serve. (Sauce can be refrigerated for 1 week.)

Potato Types and Varieties

Potato varieties: choose from low starch, medium starch, and high starch. When it comes to cooking potatoes, choose your potato for the style of cooking you have in mind.

When it comes to cooking potatoes, choose your potato for the style of cooking you have in mind.

  • Use high starch potatoes for baking, frying, and mashing.
  • Use medium starch potatoes for steaming, baking, roasting, grilling, and au gratin dishes.
  • Use low starch potatoes for boiling, roasting, grilling, sautés, stews, salads, and au gratin dishes.

When you are standing in front of bins of potatoes, which variety or type of potato will cook up the way you want it to?

A guide to potato varieties and types:

• Russet potatoes—also called old potatoes, baking potatoes, or Idaho potatoes (if they were grown in Idaho)—have an oblong, elliptical shape, and a rough, netted, brown skin with numerous eyes and white flesh. Russets grow from 4 to 6 inches (10-15 cm) long and about 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter.

Russets are low in moisture and high in starch so they cook up dry and fluffy. Russets are suited for baking, mashing, and deep frying (French fries). Top varieties are russet Burbank, russet Norkotahs, russet Arcadia, and russet Butte.

• Long white potatoes–also called white rose or California long whites (because they were developed in California)—have an elliptical shape and a thin ivory white to pale gray-brown skin with imperceptible eyes. Long whites grow from 4 to 6 inches (10-15 cm) long and about 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter.

Long whites have a medium to low starch content and are moister than russets. You can use long whites for boiling, baking, or deep frying. Long whites keep their shape when cooked.

• Fingerlings—are thumb-sized potatoes that grow to about 3 inches (7.5 cm) long and 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide. Fingerlings are thin skinned and can be cooked unpeeled—baked, boiled, steamed, fried, and roasted. They are low in starch with a waxy texture and hold together well after cooking. They are yellow fleshed with a rich, buttery texture.

Fingerling varieties include Ruby crescent fingerlings, Russian banana fingerlings, long white fingerlings, and purple Peruvian fingerlings.

• Yellow potatoes—are usually round to slightly oblong shaped potatoes with thin, yellowish light brown skins, and buttery yellow to golden waxy flesh. Yellow potatoes are low to medium in starch and have a moist, creamy, succulent texture with a buttery flavor. They are well suited for boiling, steaming, mashing, roasting, grilling, and au gratin dishes.

Yellow flesh potato varieties include Yukon gold, yellow Finn, German Butterball, Carola, Nicola, and Alby’s Gold.

• Round white potatoes—are medium-sized, round with a light tan to freckled brown skin and waxy to creamy textured flesh. Round whites are moist with low to medium starch. They are well suited for boiling, roasting, frying, and mashing. Round whites hold their shaped after cooking.

Round whites are grown mostly in the Northeastern United States. Round white varieties include Kennebec, Superior, and Atlantic.

• Round red potatoes— also called new potatoes (because they are small), red bliss potatoes and boiling potatoes–are medium-sized, round, rose to reddish-brown skinned potatoes with a dense, crisp white flesh. Round reds are low in starch and are sweeter tasting than round whites. Choose round reds for boiling, roasting, grilling, sautés, stews, salads, and au gratin dishes. You can serve round reds cooked whole.

Round reds are mostly grown in the Northwestern United States. Round red varieties include red Norland and red Pontiac.

• Purple potatoes or blue potatoes—are heirloom potatoes with grayish blue to purple skins and usually inky blue flesh. They are delicate flavored. Purple and blue skinned potatoes are low in starch and can be boiled, steamed, roasted, fried, mashed, or served in stews, salads, and au gratin dishes.

Blue and purple potatoes are probably descended from the original potatoes from Peru which were the same color. Purple flesh potato varieties include All Blue, which is dry and good for roasting Purple Peruvian which is good fried and Purple Viking which has good flavor and is good mashed.

• Other heirloom potatoes–include two red skinned and red fleshed potatoes: Huckleberry and Blossom. Both of these potatoes are low in starch and can be boiled, steamed, roasted, fried, mashed, or served in stews, salads and au gratin dishes.

• New Potatoes–is a term for any variety of potato that has been harvested before it has reached maturity. (However, mature round red potatoes are also called new potatoes simply because they are small.) New potatoes are also called baby potatoes and sometimes creamers. They can be as small as marble-sized.

New potatoes are harvested when their leaves are still green—most potatoes are harvested after their leaves have turned yellow or brown—and before their sugar has begun to convert to starch. New potatoes are thin skinned and very moist with a crisp, waxy textured flesh.

New potatoes often come to market in the spring and early summer. They are never kept in storage because of their high sugar content. New potatoes are great for cooking whole, boiling, or pan roasting. They keep their shape after cooking and are good used in potato salads.

Storing potatoes or storage potatoes–come from mature plants whose leafy tops have yellowed and died back. Storing potatoes should be dried or cured before they are stored. Potatoes are usually cured for a period of 4 to 5 days at about 60-70ºF (16-21°C). Curing allows cuts and surface injuries of the tuber to “heal.”

Well-matured potatoes without defects are the best keepers. Potatoes should be stored in a cool, dark, well-ventilated area. Potatoes can be stored for up to 6 months.

Good storing potatoes include Norkotah, Goldrush, Butte, Katahdin, Caribe, and red Norland.

Torah of Food

Join guest chefs and educators to explore the connection between food and Torah through text study, farm tours, cooking demos, permaculture workshops and lively Shabbat services. All kosher meals are included and are from ethically sourced, farm fresh ingredients.

Presenters include cookbook author, restauranteur and teacher, Levana Kirshenbaum, and Michael Solomonov, James Beard Foundation award winning chef and owner of Zahav and Citron and Rose, Philadelphia.

Click here for more info and registration. Use discount code “friend” for $50. off weekend fee.

Expand Your Chocolate Horizons

Chocolate Fest at 92Y in New York —may just have you drooling as you taste and chat with some of the world’s most talented tastemakers. Sip a chocolate cocktail, pair cheese with confections, sample rare treats and savor classic French pastries.

Sunday, April 21, 2013 at 7:30 PM

Click here for more information and tickets. Click here for a list of the impressive line-up of producers.

Come for Dinner Y’all

City Grit Southern Style Shabbat Dinner

City Grit is a culinary salon in NoLiTa and brainchild of Sarah Simmons, recently named one of America’s Greatest New Cooks by FOOD AND WINE MAGAZINE.

Sarah’s delicious Southern-influenced Shabbat dinners are a super special, multi-course dinner featuring her take on traditional Jewish classics.

Kosher Like Me? Not a problem. Specify VEGETARIAN when registering here.

When: Friday, April 19th at 7:30pm
Where: 38 Prince (between Mott and Mulberry)
Price: $55, wine and beer available for purchase

Israel Sustainable Food Tour

May 22-27, 2013

Enjoy six glorious days touring Israel and experiencing the sustainable food movement first hand through a partnership of Hazon and the Heschel Sustainability Center.

VISIT food growers and producers

MEET change makers, activists, chefs

EXPLORE issues of food justice

TASTE the most inspired food

Click here for more info. and to register.

Time to Sign Up for your Summer CSA

Sport Hill Farm, an organic farm in Easton, CT, has announced that registration is open for their weekly, summer CSA (running early June-Mid October). Pick up will be at Westport’s Wakeman Town Farm, Fridays, 1-7PM.

Find more information and Register while shares are still available.

Leave your Passover Seder to the Experts

Looking for restaurants offering Passover Seders?

Prime at the Bentley (500 East 62nd Street at York) AND Solo (550 Madison Avenue btw 55th & 56th Streets) both offer strictly kosher Seders in NYC.

  • Seders will be held both nights. The Seder includes 3 courses, a Seder plate, Hagaddah and option to be with a Rabbi holding a communal Seder ($149/person + tax and tip AND $85/child under 10 years old + tax and tip)
  • Call for reservations. Solo : (212) 833-7800
  • Prime at the Bentley: (212) 933-9733

The Ultimate Passover Gift Box

Add flavor and laughs to your Seder when you bring along or ship ahead Gefilteria‘s fresh, artisanal Gefilte fish, carrot citrus horseradish, sweet beet horseradish (all kosher), a copy of Old Jews Telling Jokes (maybe not so kosher) and a matching apron to humor your host. Click here to order while supply lasts.

Brazilian Cooking Taste and Demo

Leticia Moreinos Schwartz, Brazilian Chef and cookbook author, will demo and share tastes of her Brazilian specialties at a women’s cooking event in Westport, CT. Event will be kosher.

Click here to register. Location will be sent upon registration.

Second Night Seder at Balaboosta

On Tuesday, March 26Th Balaboosta will join forces with Chef David Tanis (New York Times columnist) and Pastry Chef Keren Weiner (Il Buco) to present an inventive second night Seder dinner.

The celebration will include a five course Seder dinner , wine pairings and live music by Shahar Mintz and Naomi Less.

$120 per person including wine pairing

Vegetarian options are available if requested in advance. The lucky afikoman finder will be rewarded, of course!

The festivities begin at 6:30 PM.

e-mail [email protected] for reservations.

Maple Sap is Flowing

Warmer days and cool nights of early spring prompt the sap to flow. Learn about it at

Warrup’s Farm (organic) in Redding, CT. as they demonstrate how sap is collected and made into syrup.

NYC Vegetarian Food Fest

The Metropolitan Pavillion

Click here for more info and a full schedule of vendors and activities for kids and adults.

Jewish Iraqi Kubbeh Pop-Up

The After Hours Kubbeh Project is a pop-up serving Jewish Iraqi comfort food in a creative environment. The Kubbeh Project will live for only 3 weeks at Zucker Bakery in NYC’s East Village. Executive Chef Itamar Lewensohn, Cafe 48, Tel Aviv, will be creating new takes on traditional kubbeh.

All meat is kosher and vegetarian options abound. Click here for more info.

Serving dinner beginning at 6 PM at Zucker Bakery, NYC

March 1-21, 2013

Get this Purim Fete Started

Chef Russell Moss is cooking up sweet and savory combos you’ve never dreamt of for this celebration! Think oven roasted tomatoes with cinnamon and jalepeno, for starters.

Martini pairings will heighten the festive mood, no doubt.

February 22, 7 PM until who knows when…

Nosh, Walk and Learn

Join Context for a walking seminar with docent Jennifer Abadi, chef, cooking instructor and cookbook author on February 12, 10 AM- 1 PM.

This Jewish Cuisine and Culture walk will lead participants to the great culinary landmarks of the Jewish Lower East Side. We’ll be sampling knishes, smoked fish, bialys and pickles that reflect the Jewish immigrant experience in NYC from the early 20thc- 1960’s.

Click here for tix and more info.

Chocolate Lovers Taste for a Great Cause

Calling all chocolate lovers and do gooders! Join in a sweet tasting event at the Fourth Annual Chocolate, Dessert and Wine Lovers’ Evening to benefit the Shelter for the Homeless in Stamford, CT.

Meet local companies, creators and producers.

Stamford Marriott Hotel and Spa

All Under One Roof

Kosher Food and Wine Experience celebrates its seventh annual tasting event. Indulge in noshes from the tri-state’s best kosher restaurants and caterers. Sip on wines and spirits from more than 2oo providers.

Come hungry and ready to whet your whistle!

Winter Harvest Menu at Kosher Pop-Up

Dan and Yair Lenchner are at it again with their seventh pop up restaurant featuring winter harvest ingredients at their best.

Six courses will be served including pan fried sweetbreads with black truffles, smoked short ribs or seared sea trout, wild mushroom dumplings and more. Top it off with grilled pears graced with coconut milk caramel, kataifi, quince and cranberries.

Watch it all come together while eating in the kitchen at The Foundry, Long Island City.

$100 pp including a choice of wines

Date Night Competition

Competitive couples ramp up your creativity and speed as you cook under the watchful eye of The Center for Kosher Culinary Arts‘ master chefs. Bring your game on as you face the market basket you’ll be given. Can you and your partner handle the pressure?

Winners score a $150 gift certificate towards a future class at this kosher culinary school in Brooklyn.

Loaves of Love

Thursday, January 24, 2013

7 PM at Chabad Center, 79 Newtown Turnpike, Westport, CT

Join with other women for this inspirational hands-on challah baking event. Each participant will make 2 challot one for your own Shabbat table and one to share.

This evening is dedicated in loving memory to the precious children who lost their lives in Newtown, CT.

Click here for more info and to register.

Tales from the Kitchen

Savory stories, nosh and schnapps will be served up at Beyond Bubbie‘s star infused event at 92Y/Tribeca, Wednesday January 16 @ 7 PM.

Come hear personal food stories from Mo Rocca, Carla Hall, Joan Nathan and a hilarious cast of others, including you!

Click here for more info and tix.

Gefilte in Stores, Finally!

At last! The Gefilteria‘s small batch, sustainable Gefilte loaves, spicy carrot or beet horseradish and bottled kvass products are available in stores around NYC. These old world, traditional Jewish foods have been re-thought and re-created for modern tastes by the dynamic Brooklyn based team. Click here for store locations. Tasting is believing!

Not By Bread Alone


In Not by Bread Alone, the world’s only professional deaf-blind acting company takes the audience on a captivating and magical tour of their inner world. As bread is kneaded, formed, and baked on stage, these extraordinary storytellers convey their memories and dreams, mixing reality with fantasy, grandeur with ridicule, in a journey that ignites the senses. Reflecting the daily activity at the company’s own Nalaga’at Center for the Deaf-Blind in Tel Aviv, this unique, immersive experience features a local version of their acclaimed BlackOut Restaurant, operated in complete darkness, and the sign language-only Café Kapish, which will be open 1 hour prior to curtain.

Olio Nuovo Celebration and Tasting

In Italy, olive harvest and crush is cause for celebration.

Enjoy a complimentary tasting flight of just pressed oils at Olivette’s tasting room and shop, Darien, CT. through December 31.

They’ll be sure to walk you through it. You’ll surely love this Italian tradition.

Chinese and a Movie on December 25

Is this your family tradition?

Join other tribe members at 92YTribeca for this movie classic and an all-you-can-eat, sumptuous vegetarian, Kosher buffet provided by Buddha Bodhai.

12:30pm – Doors open
1pm – Back to the Future
3:15pm – Back to the Future Part II
Food from 12:30pm until it is all gone.
Both screenings will be on BluRay.

Ticket Price: $25 in advance/$30 at the door. Click here for more info. and tix.

Saugatuck Grain and Grape Champagne Fundraiser

December 22, 3-8 PM

Saugatuck Grain and Grape, Westport, CT, will be donating at least 10% of proceeds from Bubbles, Bubbles and More Bubbles, champagne tasting, to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund.

RSVP on their Facebook page and join neighbors and local merchants. A contribution of $5.,to help boost the proceeds, will be requested at the door.

“Let’s Brisket!”

“Let’s Brisket”, is scheduled for Tuesday , December 18, 6PM at the Center for Jewish History, NYC

Mitchell Davis, James Beard Foundation, will moderate a panel exploring brisket history, origins, trends and cooking methods.

A reception featuring Erin Patinkin’s brisket inspired cookies from Ovenly, will follow.

Click here for tix and to see who’s on the panel. You’ll be impressed!

Latkes and Vodkas

Sweets from Cake Suite

Eight layers oozing chocolate ganache for eights nights, rich and buttery Chanukah cookies, challah with white chocolate bits!

Contact Michelle at Cake Suite, Westport, CT, to place your special order for your Chanukah festivities.

Some non-dairy and gluten free items available. Chanukah begins December 8!!

A Venetian Chanukah

Cooking Demonstration and Tasting with Alessandra Rovati, food historian, cook and writer at

Wednesday December 5, 7 PM.

Learn about Chanukah traditions, taste the unique flavors of this Italian region, and learn to make items your family will be wow’ed by!

Click here for more information and to register for this delicious evening in Westport, CT. Location will be disclosed upon registration.

Hudson Valley Veggies and Berries

WinterSunFarms Winter CSA Pickup at Wakeman Town Farm, Westport, CT

December to April, Second Thursday 1-7pm Dates: 12/13, 1/10, 2/14, 3/14, 4/11

WINTER CSA may include: Sweet Corn, Butternut Squash Puree, Green Beans, Peppers, Tomato, Blueberries and Pea Shoots. All veggies and fruits were harvested at Hudson Valley farms this summer. Crops were flash frozen to provide summer freshness all winter long while supporting local farmers.

For more info and sign up click and check Westport, CT as your pickup point!

Make Your Feast Local

Special Thanksgiving Market Day for Connecticut locavores seeking the freshest ingredients and prepared dishes from our favorite vendors!

Arrive early on Wednesday, November 21 at the Westport Farmers’ Market, for best selection

10-2, Imperial Avenue commuter lot

Westport, CT.

Hear the Sizzle

Is your latke making style nouveau or more like Bubby’s?

Mail your favorite latke recipe to [email protected] by November 19. The winner will fry ’em up on December 10 at the Fourth Annual Latke Festival at BAM and win a Breville Scraper Mixer Pro Stand.

Check out the tasty company you’ll be in and get frying!

Eat, Drink and Think Like… Leonardo da Vinci

Learn about Leonardo’s Milan in 1495 and taste historically accurate foods and wine with Jane Tylus, NYU Professor and Italian Renaissance specialist, and Ross King, author, Leonardo and the Last Supper, 2012. Click here for info./tix. November 4, 2012- 2-4:30 at the 92Y Tribeca, NYC. Edibles prepared by 92YTribeca Executive Chef Russell Moss.

Pre-program kick-off:
Pine nut butter cookies
Coffee and tea

Post-talk reception:
Tile fish with lemon, butter and orange
Roasted mushroom crustini
Bread salad with parmesan cheese mint, thyme and parsley
Blackberries and honey
Italian wine

Give Back During Foodie Fest

Greenmarket Table Class and Lunch

Join Melissa Roberts for a hands-on cooking class highlighting ingredients sourced from the Westport Farmers’ Market. This 3 course Autumnal celebration will incorporate fruits and veggies that may not be on your radar yet. We’ll eat it together, and learn how to navigate the market and take advantage of the season’s bounty. Lunch will be kosher and vegetarian/dairy.

October 25, 11:30-1:30 at Chabad of Westport

Class is being held at 159 Kings Highway North. Click here to register.

Haute Truck Food

Are you hankering to taste dishes that temp you from food trucks you pass each day? Dan and Yair Lenchner are hosting another pop-up kosher event at The Foundry in Long Island City on October 17. They’ll be cooking up selection of haute street food in their kosher catering kitchen with the likes of Israeli Sebich, Indian Meen Mapas, Tunisian potato brik, Mexican fish tacos, Jamaican jerked sea bass and more. Wine, global beer and cocktail selection included. For reservations and more info contact [email protected]

Community Plates Fall Ball

Community Plates is hosting a blowout of a party, on October 9, to raise much needed funds for their efforts. Check out their mission to connect surplus food from restaurants and other sources to food-insecure households in CT. Learn more and buy tickets here.

Sukkot Over Manahattan

Just in time for Sukkot, Prime at The Bentley is popping up on the rooftop! A 60 person Sukkah,with 360 degree views of Manhattan on the scenic UES, is Prime’s latest digs. Enjoy the views while indulging in tasty Kosher culinary treats including sushi, crudo offerings and Mediteranean fish straight from the charcoal grill. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Call: 212-933-9733 for reservations.

The Heat Is ON!

92STY Street Fest (Lexington Ave. between 79th-95th)

Street Fest Sunday, September 23, 2012, 12-5. Tong to tong contest at 1:00.

Come taste the 3 top kosher grill recipes in NYC !

Sample and Savor CT.’s Local Flavor

Celebrate the freshness of CT. farm fresh foods during Farm-To-Chef Week, September 16-22. Click here for list of participating restaurants. Among them are a couple of veg and raw favorites, including Bloodroot and Catch a Healthy Habit Cafe.

Pharoah’s Daughter

Middle Eastern syncopation meets hip chick world music vibe as Batya Schecter and Pharoah’s Daughter comes to CT.

Saturday, Sept. 8 @8:3o PM, open to the public and free

Under the stars at the Levitt Pavilion, Westport

Rain Location: Conservative Synagogue, 30 Hillspoint Rd., Westport

Gefilte Talk

“Deconstructing Jewish culinary mythology one dish at a time.”

We’ll be re-thinking it and tasting it in advance of Rosh Hashanah. Mitchell Davis, James Beard Foundation, will moderate the panel of artisanal gefilte makers and chefs.

Center for Jewish History, NYC. September 6 at 6 PM. Click Gefilte Talk for more info and tix.

Register now for Hazon Food Conference

2012 Hazon Food Conference, December 6-9, 2012 (Hanukkah), Falls Village, CT

The Hazon Food Conference explores the intersections of Jewish tradition and contemporary food issues, with the goal of supporting leaders to create healthier and more sustainable communities in the Jewish world and beyond. This annual event brings together passionate people who are working for sustainable food systems in their own lives, communities, nationally and abroad. Come learn and be inspired!

REGISTER now for pre-Labor Day discount.

Doc’s Organic Maple Syrup

The Westport Arts Center winds up their Lunch-Escape series on the deck on 8/22, 12:30-1:30. Lunch is available, along with a convo about local producers.

Join Dottie from Doc’s Organic Maple Syrup, along with Westport Farmers’ Market Manager, Lori Cochran Dougall, as they explore topics pertaining to organic and the local food scene.

Kugel Comfort

The First Annual World Kugel Day Festival will include a kugel cook-off and lots of tastings to the tunes of Rocky Mountain Jewgrass. Anyone who can attend at the Mizel Museum in Denver, AUGUST 19, 2-5 PM, please let me know!

CT Farm Tour At Your Own Pace

The 4th Annual Easton Farm Tour will take place on AUGUST 11, 10-3. Enjoy a self-guided tour to more than 10 farms and enjoy petting zoo, pony rides, tastings, farm stands and pick your own. Celebrate local!

SONO Bakery Owner Shares

SONO Bakery owner, John Barricelli, will share baking secrets, and nibbles at the Westport Arts Center during their Lunch-Escapes series, Wednesday, August 8. The gathering meets on the deck, overlooking the Saugatuck River, 12:30-1:30 and it’s free. Consider buying his beautiful and thorough book, The Sono Company Baking Cookbook, and support your local bakery.

Farm to Table Dinner Tickets for Sale

Local chefs will serve up their most creative and freshest fare at the First Farm to Table Dinner at Wakeman Farm, Westport, CT, on September 15.

Area farmers and vendors are donating the goods so that funds may be directed to continue implementing and expanding youth and community programming.

Tix are on sale Friday, August 3 . Hurry! This is one party you will not want to miss.

Hello Out There on the Left Coast!

Herzog Wine Cellars presents another International Food and Wine Event at the winery in Oxnard, CA.

A wide range of extraordinary wines will be paired with the best bites from the on site, highly acclaimed, kosher Tierra Sur restaurant. Buy tix for the August 2 event early and let me know how it is!

The Gefilteria in the Old Neighborhood

The Gefilteria will take the Hester Street Fair by storm with their Old World Sampler Plate on July 28 and August 11, 10-6. These “purveyors of boutique gefilte and old world Jewish foods” are about more than just pickles!

Teens Cook Kosher

The Center for Kosher Culinary Arts (CKCA) will be teaching teens to cook, over 5 days in NYC. Session runs August 6-10 and will focus on technique, skill development and deliciousness, culminating in a cook-off to rock the UES. Check out their other offerings, too.

Nuts for this Product

I’m in love with these nut butter products! Jason’s is available in jars and single pack squeezables. They’re perfect for camp lunches and pocketbooks. And more: they’re Kosher, GF, vegan, dairy free, GMO free and delicious. Click here to find them.

Learn to Put “Em Up

Learn about canning and preserving farm fresh veggies on July 14 as Sherri Brooks Vinton, author of PUT “EM UP, conducts 3 hands on workshops. All sessions are at Sport Hill Farm, Easton.

Lunch will be catered by Chef Cecily Gans, The Main Course, LLC. Cost: $55. Register early.

Home Baked Flavor from a Mix

Tribes-A-Dozen has just released a product called: Voila! Hallah Egg Bread Mixes. Three varieties, Traditional, Wholey Wheat and Simply Spelt, will keep your guests guessing how you manage it all while spending the day at the beach. And it’s certified OU, parave.

Lunch-Escapes in Westport, CT

The Westport Farmers’ Market and Westport Arts Center are partnering on select Wednesdays this summer to present interactive workshops with local food, farm and gardening experts. Check WAC’s site to see the line-up.

Lunch offerings by DuSoleil round out the mid-day break by the Saugatuck River. Don’t forget to visit the art gallery, too.

Mark your calendars: June 27, July 11, July 25, August 8, August 22.

You Shop. Westport Farmers’ Market Benefits.

Dutch Herring Season

It’s a short season for New Catch Dutch Herring, the lightly cured, clean and briny treat available at Russ and Daughters in NYC. Down these small fillets with chopped sweet Vidalia onion and Cornichon pickles while imagining the pushcarts that sold them when our grandparents lived in the same neighborhood.

Al Fresco over the Saugatuck River

Chef/Owner John Holzwarth presents plenty of great choices for veg lovers at the Boathouse Restaurant in Westport, CT. Check out this sublime salmon with a medley of beets, pea shoots, radishes, heirloom bean and kumquats. Local and Seasonal whenever possible. The view of the Saugatuck River, from the balcony, can not be beat.

Tour Talk Taste Local Honey

What makes honey taste like sweet and buttery blueberry blossom? Come learn and taste with Marina Marchese, local beekeeper and honey sommelier. Register for “A Taste of East Coast Terroir” at Red Bee Apiary, Weston, CT. on June 10, 1-3. I’ll be there!

Decadent No-Bake Brigadeiro

Brazilian Chef, Leticia Schwartz, will be teaching lucky Macy’s shoppers how to make Brigadeiro on June 7, @ 1 PM, NYC. Indulge in these fudgy chocolate treats while learning about Brazilian cheese bread and Caipirinhas, limey summer cocktails. Click to learn more about Leticia’s class offerings in CT.and NYC and her book, The Brazilian Kitchen: 100 Classic and Contemporary Recipes for the Home Cook.

Technology and Perserverance

“The U.N. chose the Arava region as a global model for agricultural eduction on saving water.” Here’s why:

There are 600 farms supplying 60% of total Israeli exports in the 112 mile strip of desert between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. Miracle? More.…

Chocolate Fest and Tasting

Sunday, June 3, 7:30 PM at the 92Y!

Culinary historian, Alexandra Leaf says to expect “long established award winners and newcomers in celebration of the beauty and wonder of chocolate.” Unique pairings with wine and cheese will be offered, also. I’ll be there, for sure. Click here for more info. and tickets.

Real Food, Real Farmers

Westport Farmers’ Market is opening for the season on Thursday, May 24 with an all organic and GMO free line up of farmers, small producers, local chefs and community service events. Meet your neighbors and your farmers as you shop and shmooze!

The World of Jewish Cooking

Join culinary historian Gil Marks and writer and cookbook author, Leah Koenig in conversation about Jewish culinary history, holidays,and what’s cooking in the world of Jewish Foods. Click here for more info and to buy tix for this May 15 event at 92Y.

Ode to Israel’s Locavore

Hanoch Bar Shalom, one of the first and greatest champions of using the freshest local ingredients found in Israel, has died. Read Liel Leibovitz’ beautiful essay about why he was so great.

Soul Food from the Middle East

Syrian chef and author, Jennifer Abadi is teaching a 2 part vegetarian class focusing on the flavor packed regions of the Near and Middle East. Learn to make Syrian yellow squash pie with cucumber yogurt sauce and Turkish yogurt cake with semolina and lemon zest, among many other items. Class begins May 21 at ICE, NYC.

Foodstock at Wesleyan

Wesleyan University is gathering food bloggers and writers for Foodstock on Sat. May 5, 9-5. I’ll schedule around the breakout session called, “From lokshen to lomein: the Jewish love affair with Chinese food”. Presenters at the fest include Dorie Greenspan, Ruth Reichl, Jane Stern, Amy Bloom and other luminaries in the food universe.

Ladino Offers Up Tapas and More

Chef Alexandre Petard has opened Ladino Tapas Bar and Grill in Columbus Circle, NYC. He’s offering Kosher, Latin fusion and waking up the ‘hood with bright flavors drawn from South America.

Can’t Get Enough Basil?

Israeli company, Hishtil, has figured out a way to grow a basil tree that will live approximately five years. No more pining away for fresh basil in the winter. Read it here.

The Sideshow: Maple-Garlic Delicata Squash Oven Fries

When I first heard about “delicata squash,” which I did years ago reading recipes on the wonderful blog 101 Cookbooks , I assumed it was some sort of California oddity. 101 Cookbooks is written by a San Francisco woman (Heidi Swanson), and if you follow any California-based blogs you will know that the abundance of produce available in that part of the world, pretty much year round, is enviable. While we northern folk are surviving on a steady diet of potatoes and beets, Californians are plucking permissions and meyer lemons, and eating kardoons, kumquats and quince. Lucky buggers.

I passed over Heidi’s delicata-containing recipes for a couple of years at least, until one day I wandered into a favourite produce shop in early fall and caught—out of the corner of my eye—an unfamiliar-looking oblong, ridged, yellow and green gourd. Delicata! After which I (inevitably) spotted delicata everywhere. In the farmers’ markets, in my CSA delivery and even at the mega grocery store down the street. (You know those piles of pretty gourds that show up in the grocery store every autumn—yes, the delicatas are in there!)

If you haven’t tried a delicata before, I insist that you pick up a couple of them as soon as you can. Emphasis on the soon because, as squash growing seasons go, the delicata season is a relatively short one. Now you see them soon you won’t.

And even more emphasis on the insist because, truly, there are few vegetables as wonderful as this one, and certainly no squash that comes close. I have actually witnessed the Bean (my 4 year old daughter) squeal with delight upon learning that delicata squash was on our dinner menu. “Oh you are making my favourite favourite squash. ” she exclaimed (yes, I swear she said that).

The flesh is sweet and buttery, and becomes especially so when roasted with some olive oil and maple syrup as I’ve done with this recipe. And, unlike delicata’s hardier cousins (butternuts and acorns, for example), the skin is soft and completely edible. Which, for anyone who has ever risked their fingertips removing the peel from a knobbly gourd, is a very big deal. You don’t need to peel a delicata squash just halve it lengthwise, run a small spoon down the centre of each half to remove the seeds, then slice into thin half moons.

When sliced thinly and roasted this way, the delicata quickly becomes brown and crispy, and deserved of the “oven fries” moniker. We like to eat these “fries” as a side dish with roasted or grilled meat, chicken or fish, invariably fighting over the last few pieces (hint: you might want to make a double batch). But it’s also wonderful in fall salads (kale, toasted almonds, crumbled feta or goat cheese, avocado and the dressing from this salad recipe is an impressive combination that deserves a post all its own) or tossed with lightly sauteed dandelion greens, some sherry vinegar, shaved parmesan and salt and pepper.

Be warned that delicata has a shorter shelf life than most winter squash. Store it in the fridge or a cool dark pantry, and use it up within a couple of weeks.

Honey-roasted parsnips

Nestle 3 thyme sprigs and 3 unpeeled garlic cloves around the parsnips in the roasting tin, and sprinkle over 2 tbsp sesame seeds. Cook as above. When the parsnips have roasted, squish in the roasted garlic and remove the thyme. Scatter over the leaves from 3 thyme sprigs and drizzle over 2 tbsp tahini mixed with 1 tbsp water before serving.

Twists: Parmesan & pumpkin seeds

Crush 25g pumpkin seeds using a pestle and mortar to a coarse powder. Mix with 50g grated parmesan and season well. When the parsnips have been baking for 30 mins, spoon over the parmesan mixture and return to the oven for 10 mins more.

Twists: Poppy seeds & quince

Dot 50g quince paste around the parsnips halfway through roasting. Sprinkle 2 tsp poppy seeds over 5 mins before the end of cooking.


Top and tail the parsnips, cutting any larger ones in half lengthways, then put in a large saucepan, cover with salted water, bring to the boil and cook for 5 mins. Drain in a colander and let them steam-dry for a few mins.

Heat oven to 190C/170C fan/ gas 5. Sprinkle the flour and honey over the parsnips and toss to coat. Put the parsnips in a roasting tin with the sunflower oil , butter and seasoning. Roast for 40 mins, turning halfway, until golden.

The start of autumn means it's time for soup

All of this is preamble to say that right now soup season has arrived. Last month I posted a summery recipe for pea and mint soup on my kid food blog Sneaky Veg, inspired by my heavenly bloggers Pilates retreat in France. That is very much a summer soup.

Today I'm sharing with you this - a recipe for spiced butternut squash and sweet potato soup. It's full of warming flavours and spices and is perfect to warm you up on a chilly day.

Maple-Roasted Quince and Sweet Potatoes - Recipes

That does sound like a good flavor combination. I love coriander and fresh cilantro!

Thanks, Pam - beautiful "zingy" flavours together :-)

Fresh, simple crisp flavors! Just the thing for a Spring (well, here) picnic! I love it, Sue!

Thanks, Toby. Yes, this would be perfect for a picnic - I hadn't thought of that, but definitely stowing that idea for when picnic season comes round again.

Hi Sue,
This looks good! I am loving roasted veggies so much! Especially with the usage of lemon grass, simply wonderful! Lemongrass is one of the most common herb ingredient that can be found in almost any market or supermarkets over here in Malaysia, and in most home garden. We usually use it, like what you did, bruised them lightly, tied up a few together and use that as a "brushing brush" during barbecuing or grilling. I never thought of using it to flavour the dipping sauce! Will definitely try it out sometime! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, Joyce. I'm very envious that lemongrass is so readily available there - it is a bit of a rarity here, but certainly worked really well for flavouring the sauce.

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