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Rice meatballs

Rice meatballs

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In 3 cups of water, boil the rice together with the diced carrot,

salt, vegeta. After a more bound rice has been boiled, leave it to cool.

Then mix with finely chopped parsley and diced bell pepper.

Form the meatballs with wet hands, and put a piece of sausage, fried meat, or a cube of cheese in the middle. I used fried chicken breast.

They can be left simple.

They are given through flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs mixed with sesame.

Fry in hot oil until nicely browned, or put in a pan and bake in the oven.

Meatballs from the Danube Delta recipe

Fish meatballs recipe from the Danube Delta, a fishing recipe, wonderfully tasty. Fasting or sweet recipe. They can be fried in oil or in the oven, delicious in any variant we prepare.

Do you know the Ceausescu slogan & bdquo? No meal without fish? & Rdquo. There was no meat, there was plenty of ocean fish everywhere, generally hake, anchovies, sardines and more rarely mackerel. I worked at a neighborhood restaurant, the most famous tray-tray in Galati and I had to clean 1-2 lighters of ocean fish every day (I had sores on my fingers). I had to cook at least 3 fish dishes, mandatory. Well, what could you cook?

The soup didn't go well with ocean fish, so I made fried fish, brine, plaice and fish meatballs. There were poor people completely terrified of fish meatballs, everywhere, if you wanted to drink a beer, it was mandatory to take a fish meatball. And often those meatballs were horrible, made of unclean fish, given entirely by car, without any God & hellip

Fish meatballs as they are made in the Danube Delta

We made them really good, they came out good and most people ate them with pleasure. I did little, to be assorted, in number, that I had controls.

Instead, at my house, my mother made fish meatballs, very loud boouune. My father being from Dobrogea, we were used to eating fish when we were little, cooking in many ways. & # 128578

And the best fish meatballs are made from novac or pike. See r eteta of stuffed pike.

Let me give you the recipe for fish meatballs and its secrets, see how good some fish meatballs can be:

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