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Leave the chickpeas to hydrate overnight in a bowl of water.

The next day, drain, rinse well and put to boil in a pot with 700 ml of water. Boil for about an hour, adding salt only towards the end (so as not to harden). When ready, leave to cool, then drain and peel.

Furthermore, a hand blender or a chopper is used, a chopper is better, because it grinds better, but I didn't have one, so I resorted to the hand blender.

First pass the tahini paste finely with a tablespoon of lemon juice, we will get a paste that will become creamy as we mix. Then add the olive oil, which will give it a rich taste.

Now add the chickpeas, passing them well with the hand blender, until the mixture becomes fine.

Add the garlic infused in lemon juice (a tablespoon), so it will no longer have that harsh, intense taste, but softer. Add salt to taste, mix.

I got 2 bowls of hummus.

Preparation time: approx. 30min

Cooking time: 1h

Gates: 4

Good appetite!

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Naut boabe

Peeled sesame seeds

Cold pressed sesame oil

Preparation Classic hummus recipe

  • The chickpeas are kept soaked overnight in cold water before cooking (at least 3 times the water compared to the amount of chickpeas) until hydrated and swollen. When you start cooking the hummus recipe, rinse them with cold water and then boil them in the same amount of water as when soaking.
  • The chickpeas are left to boil for an hour & # 8211 for an hour and a half, until the berries become soft and fluffy.
  • Meanwhile, prepare the sesame paste: heat the sesame seeds a little in a pan, over low heat, stirring constantly, until they become slightly shiny. Be careful and keep an eye on them, because they are ready very quickly. It must remain golden, not brown.
  • Grind the sesame seeds as finely as possible and then mix them well with a tablespoon of oil.
  • Crush the garlic and squeeze the lemon.
  • After the chickpeas are cooked, drain the beans and keep some of the juice to add if the hummus turns out too hard.
  • Pass the chickpeas in a blender, along with the sesame paste, lemon, garlic, olive oil and salt added to taste. If you find it too hard, add a little more juice so that your hummus gets a creamier consistency.

Remarks Classic hummus recipe

  • Keeping the chickpeas in water for at least 8 hours before cooking will activate its nutritional properties and shorten its cooking time. Many people buy boxes of ready-cooked chickpeas, but, unfortunately, salt or preservatives can be added to them, to increase the shelf life of the product. If you want to know exactly what you put on your loved ones' plate, we warmly recommend you to boil the chickpeas yourself for the healthiest classic hummus recipe.
  • Are you interested in humus calories? Find out that a cup of boiled chickpeas has about 100 calories. From here, depending on the ingredients and the amount prepared, you can calculate how high the nutritional value of your preparation is.
  • And tahini, the famous sesame paste can be bought ready-made, but, on the same principle as above, I think you will prefer to make it at home. In addition, the price will be much lower. Sesame paste (tahini) & # 8211 is generally made from 4-5 tablespoons of raw or baked sesame seeds (or half raw and half baked), as preferred, ground and mixed with 1 tablespoon water or 1 tablespoon sesame oil / olive oil / lemon juice. Another possible option is to put whole sesame seeds in chickpea paste and give up grinding.
  • The great gastronomy specialists advise the housewives that, when they make for the first time the hummus recipe, especially the classic hummus recipe, without innovations, not to add from the beginning all the other ingredients over the boiled chickpeas, but little by little, always tasting, and to stop when they think they have put enough, even if they have not finished the whole prepared lemon juice or sesame paste. Some prefer humus with a stronger sesame taste, for example, others prefer very little lemon juice.

Did you know that?

  • Originally, is hummus eaten at room temperature or hot, not from the fridge? Many people say that it would be tastier in this way, so all you have to do is try it in several temperature variations and compare.
  • You have doubts about how to write the name of this preparation (humus or hummus)? It seems like the option humus it penetrated very well into the Romanian language and imposed itself over time, eliminating the double consonant, for the sake of simplification. You can find scientific explanations on the subject in question This article of the renowned linguist Rodica Zafiu.

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