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Woman Escapes Dangerous Hostage Situation by Ordering Pizza Hut

Woman Escapes Dangerous Hostage Situation by Ordering Pizza Hut

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A woman escaped a perilous hostage situation by typing out a plea for help in her online order to Pizza Hut

One woman’s quick thinking, and a Pizza Hut employee’s swift action, saved 4 lives.

One woman singlehandedly ended a terrifying hostage situation simply by placing an order for pizza. Cheryl Treadway ordered a large peperoni pie from the Pizza Hut in Avon Park, Florida, and wrote in the comments section, “911!! Hostage!! Help!!” Her secret message may have saved her and her children’s lives.

After Pizza Hut chef Alonia Hawk saw the message printed on the receipt, she knew she was not dealing with a teenage prankster. The Pizza Hut employee immediately called 911.

"I was kinda scared. I was scared for the person," Hawk told WTSP local news.

After police arrived at Cheryl Treadway’s home, she ran out with one of her children. The other two were locked inside with their father, Ethan Nickerson, who was armed with a knife. Allegedly, the two had been arguing all day. Earlier that day Nickerson had confiscated Treadway’s cell phone, but as she feared for her life and the safety of her children, she managed to get it back to “place an order for Pizza Hut.”

Local hostage deputies managed to get control of the situation and retrieve the two children from the home unharmed. Nickerson was arrested and charged with assault. We really hope that the Pizza Hut employees got a hefty tip for their help in assuring the safety of one of their regular customers.

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Free Courses for Free Minds. Neil Patel Presents "Advanced Customer Aquisition" Webinar. Zamurai Approved. Her life was on the line, and she did the one thing that could save her: She ordered pizza. A woman in Florida got help out of a dangerous situation from an unlikely source: Pizza Hut.

WFLA reported the story of Cheryl Treadway, a woman who escaped a hostage situation with the help of her cell phone and a local Pizza Hut. This magical button delivers Upworthy stories to you on Facebook: On May 4, 2015, Cheryl Treadway of Highlands County, Florida, placed an order on her phone's Pizza Hut app — a small hand-tossed pizza with pepperoni. Oh yeah, it also came with a note telling store owners that she was being held hostage and asking them to please send help. Treadway and her children were being held at knifepoint by her boyfriend Ethan Nickerson. TOP CLICKED: Pizza ordering app saves woman in hostage situation. Domestic violence affects an estimated 4 million women each year.

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Pizza Hut Order Allegedly Saves A Hostage

During the 2015 Super Bowl, the NFL's No More campaign ran a harrowing domestic violence commercial depicting a woman calling 911 and pretending to order a pizza — creating a sense of normalcy in an anything but normal situation. The audio used in the commercial was from a real-life call, and as it turns out, it may not be as uncommon as you would think. Cheryl Treadway, a Florida woman who says she was held hostage by her boyfriend, used Pizza Hut to alert the authorities about her potentially dangerous situation — and it worked.

According to local news station WFLA, Treadway says she was trapped in her Highlands County home after her boyfriend, Ethan Nickerson, threatened her with a knife and took away her cellphone. According to the arrest report, Treadway claims that her boyfriend was stopping her from leaving the house with her three children. He was charged with aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and obstructing justice, according to USA Today, and could not be reached for comment.

Eventually, Treadway says, she talked her boyfriend into returning her cellphone so she could order a pizza. Treadway placed an online order for a classic pizza with pepperoni — and left in a secret message. Once she submitted the order, Nickerson allegedly forced her to give him the cellphone, according to the arrest report.

But by that time, the message was already sent to the local Pizza Hut. The receipt for the order, obtained by WFLA, states, "Please help. Get 911 to me," at the top of the order.

Below the $10.49 charge for the pepperoni pizza, the receipt gives another coded message: "911 hostage help!"

According to employees at the local Pizza Hut, Treadway was a regular customer, but they immediately knew something was off with the order. Authorities said the Pizza Hut employees immediately called the police, who then went to both Treadway's home and the Pizza Hut, just to be sure.

"We've never seen that [message in a receipt] before," the Pizza Hut's manager, Candy Hamilton, told WFLA, "I've been here 28 years and never, never seen nothing like that come through."

Lt. Curtis Ludden of the Highlands County Sheriff's Office, who was sent to investigate the emergency, added to WFLA that he doesn't know if he would have been as quick-thinking as Treadway if he was in her situation. "I mean it's just something that she did so naturally," Ludden told WFLA. "The boyfriend never knew about it until he saw us coming around the corner."

Treadway's boyfriend surrendered to police when they arrived on the scene, the Highlands County Sheriff's Office said in a statement.

Pizza Hut Saves Hostage Woman and Children

Pizza Hut saves the day for a woman and her three children proving the quote “there is an app for that” to be true. Cheryl Treadway placed an online order for a hand-tossed pizza with Pizza Hut’s app and included a secret cry for help. Pizza Hut employees quickly recognized the woman as a frequent customer and contact the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office.

On Monday afternoon, the quick-thinking woman saved herself and her children from a potentially dangerous situation when she placed the order and included the following message in the comments section of the online order:

Please help! Get 911 to me. 911 hostage help.

Reportedly, after the order for pizza was placed, Treadway’s boyfriend, Ethan Earl Nickerson, who had confiscated her phone previously demanded the cell phone be returned to him. He had no knowledge that his girlfriend had already sent a plea for help. According to law enforcement Nickerson only realized it when he saw officers coming around the corner.

The secret message alarmed Pizza Hut’s employees. Candy Hamilton, Avon Park’s store manager, said in 28 years she had never seen anything like this come through an order before. The message was initially spotted by the chef, Alonia Hawk, who said she immediately felt something was really wrong and was afraid for the person.

According to police, they were greeted at the door upon arrival by Treadway,who was holding one of her children. Lieutenant Curtis Ludden said she came running towards the officers and said her boyfriend refused to allow them to leave the home and was holding them hostage with a knife. Ludden also stated, officers suspected Nickerson may have been high on methamphetamine.

Treadway told officers that she and Nickerson were arguing earlier that day and he made threats of hurting her with a knife. When the time came to pick her children up from school, Nickerson insisted on going with her and took Treadway’s phone away from her. Sometime after they returned home with the children this savvy mother persuaded her boyfriend to return her phone so she could order a pizza for them to eat.

The strategic mom not only ordered a pizza but sent a message to alert the restaurant that she was in danger. Her message ultimately brought the police to her home Hostage negotiator Ludden was the first to arrive. Treadway and her young child were immediately taken to safety while the other two children remained inside the home with their father. Armed with a knife, Nickerson refused to answer the door and allow officers entry to the home.

The knife-wielding 26-year-old had barricaded himself inside for nearly 20 minutes before Ludden could persuade him to surrender. Nickerson was arrested and charged with obstructing justice by depriving communication to law enforcement, false imprisonment, battery and aggravated assault with a weapon without intent to kill.

Cheryl Treadway is thankful to Pizza Hut for saving her and her three children. Ludden, however, credits this triumphant mother who discreetly sent a message for help. He is not sure if he would have ever thought of doing that as Treadway, according to Ludden, did it so naturally.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

Top Image Courtesy of Daniel Oines – Creativecommons Flickr License
Featured Image Courtesy of Joe Monin – Creativecommons Flickr License

Pizza Hut Saves Hostage Woman and Children added by Cherese Jackson on May 6, 2015
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Ever opened a pizza box only to be disappointed that it doesn’t double as a movie projector? Well if you live in Hong Kong, you can order a pizza box that you can affix your iPhone to. Thanks to a special lens in the box, it’ll project a movie onto the nearest wall. Cool, we guess?

Earlier this year, a Florida woman and her children were being held hostage by her boyfriend, who took her cell phone but gave it back to her to order a pizza online. She wrote “911!! Hostage!! Help!!” in the comments section, and after a sharp-eyed employee spotted it she called the police, who quickly arrived at the woman’s house.

Is pizza on the whole dangerous for pregnant women?

Pizza as a whole food is certainly not dangerous for pregnant women, but some factors and ingredients can potentially harm pregnant women with weak immune systems.

Ideally, it is not 100% safe to consume pizza but one cannot avoid some of the guilty pleasures of life even during pregnancy. Here are some parts of pizza which includes crust and toppings and their effects on pregnant women

The Crust

Whether you eat thin crust pizza like Brooklyn pizza or thick crust pizza like the New York pizza, there is one thing common with these crusts, which is fat and oil.

According to one of the most popular health and fitness blogs TODAY, the average pizza crust contains roughly 50 calories. This is one crust alone out of the twelve in the box excluding the toppings or sauce.

The average pregnant woman is expected to consume healthy calories ranging from 1800-2400 calories per day.

There is a big concern on whether the cheese or a particular type of cheese should be consumed or avoided.


Pizza crusts are always made with cheese or/and Mozzarella. But what kind of cheese is advised for a pregnant woman. Generally, cheese is made using unpasteurized milk.

But according to the Health Line, most cheese found on the counters of the United States are safe for consumption, so it is safe to say cheese like cheddar, provolone, mozzarella, colby, ramano, ricotta, and any cheese made with pasteurized goat or cow milk is safe for consumption.

Cheese that is soft, blue-veined, or bacteria ripened are to be avoided such as brie, feta, pamela, or cheese you can find in the deli or special aisle store. This is because these are made with unpasteurized milk containing a high strain of bacteria which can cause food poisoning.


What is a pizza without pepperoni, pepperoni is the jelly to the peanut butter of pizza. But what do we know about this delicious topping?

Pepperoni is a type of salami made from beef or pork trimmings then heavily spiced with chili, paprika, and other spices. It is often cured raw using preservatives and even nitrates.

Well, that doesn’t sound healthy, with a considerable amount of heat it should be to the average human. Before eating pepperoni, ask about your nitrate allergic hypersensitive level from your gynecologist, if you are safe it is okay to eat pepperoni.

But ensure that it is sizzling hot as most cured deli meat is known for its high content of bacteria and toxoplasmosis. Make sure the cured meat has passed through a very high temperature capable of killing all the bacteria.


Bacon is one of the most popular pizza toppings, but this unprocessed, nitrites treated beef has its advantage and disadvantage, as a type of raw meat, it might have originally been contaminated with bacteria which can cause food poisoning.

But eating a strip of bacon that has passed through a heat level of 72-80°C is safe for eating in minimal amounts.

Since bacon is a fatty food, minimal to moderate consumption should be followed as scientists discovered the linkage of fatty foods to high weight gains in babies’ development. This can lead to tears during vaginal childbirth.

Fruit and Vegetable Toppings

Fruits and vegetables are the perfect toppings choice for pregnant women if they have been passed through high heat.

But if they are raw, there is a cause of worry due to contamination of listeria and another toxoplasma, if you intended on ordering a Hawaiian pizza also known as the Ham and pineapple pizza, it is safe to eat so fast as they have been heated properly.

If the pizza is raw, there may be a need for concern. Other toppings like mushrooms and spinaches must be washed thoroughly and cooked under heat high for safe consumption.

There are rumors surrounding pineapple and pregnancy, the bromelain enzyme in pineapple is not strong or high enough to cause any damage to the pregnancy.

Home-made Pizza

If you considered taking a break from commercial food-chain merchandised like Pizza hut, Arby’s, or Dominos and you intend on making something original and safe, there are some guidelines to follow and they include

  • Use Less Cheese: It is best to use lesser amounts of cheese and use Mozzarella, this is because Mozzarella melts easily and that small amount can create a wide spreading.
  • Make sure the pizza base is thin rather than thick.
  • If you still intend on making a dough base, make sure it is whole wheat-based. Consider using wheat flour that is made from grains and fruits to all rising flours as they are not healthy.
  • Create a healthy pizza base by steering away from the traditional dough base and opt for more healthy tortilla bases
  • If you intend on totally avoiding bacon, there are other bacon alternatives present in the market such as turkey bacon which contains less fat and calories, or soy-based kinds of bacon which can be made at home by marinating tofu in spices.
  • Instead of making fat or meaty pizza toppings, use more vegetables instead.
  • When baking, make sure the heat is very hot to kill every bacteria that escaped washing.

This YouTube video shows how you can make a homemade vegetarian pizza. Why not get into the kitchen and make some, plus it counts as a workout!

Uproar against firms such as Pocari Sweat, Tempo, Yoshinoya and Pizza Hut shows brands tread dangerous ground by taking sides on Hong Kong extradition protests, say marketing experts

The marketing storm sparked by the extradition bill conflict in Hong Kong has raised questions over whether companies should take a political stance, especially within such a charged climate.

Consumers’ political views presented brands and firms with a dilemma, putting them between a rock and a hard place as tensions mounted over the much-hated bill, despite its suspension on June 15.

Any stance they took risked upsetting shoppers and having consequences on their image and bottom line.

The situation was particularly dire when culture, social and political values contrasted sharply between Hong Kong and mainland China, according to advertising experts.

Cases in point involved global brands such as Tempo tissue papers, Yoshinoya and Pizza Hut restaurants and sports drinks Pocari Sweat, which were dragged into a political row over their advertising and marketing strategies in the city.

“Companies cannot avoid staying away from politics,” said Rudi Leung Chi-sing, founder of the advertising agency Hungry Digital, who has been in the industry for 27 years.

“Whether a company should take any political affiliation is debatable. Whether or whatever a company says, it still has a chance to offend somebody.”

Yoshinoya’s image went on a roller-coaster ride last week when the restaurant’s post on Facebook in Hong Kong made fun of the police for tearing down anti-bill messages in Tai Po on a “Lennon Wall”, where protesters post notes and drawings in support of a particular cause.

The social media post sarcastically asked people to stop calling a traditional Japanese food Chikuwa, which is available in the Yoshinoya outlets, as Si Zi Gau, and literally means “lion dog”. The name also sounds similar to “a dog that tore paper” in Cantonese.

Hong Kong’s online community applauded the post initially but turned against the company after the restaurant chain’s pro-government boss pulled it on Thursday.

Pro-establishment Marvin Hung Ming-kei, the CEO of Hong Kong-listed Hop Hing Group that runs Yoshinoya restaurants across the border, told mainland media he was outraged at the post, which he was not informed of in advance.

Companies like Yoshinoya were quick to steer clear of airing political views to avoid offending a bigger market like China’s 1.2 billion-strong consumer base.

The mainland office of Pocari, for example, distanced itself from its Hong Kong branch’s leaked recent decision to pull adverts from free-to-air broadcaster Television Broadcasts (TVB), which city protesters accused of running biased coverage of the bill.

The drinks firm’s mainland office declared it respects the one country, two systems policy and worked independently from the Hong Kong’s office after mainland internet users called for a boycott of the product and criticised the brand for supporting violence.

German brand Tempo, which said on Saturday its advertising campaign with TVB ended in June, said it would continue to advertise in the city’s electronic media, including with the broadcaster. It added it supported the one country, two systems principle.

“Advertising is based on commercial decisions, but now advertisers cannot avoid the elephant in the room – politics,” said Fox Luk Chi-kong, a brand strategy adviser of a Hong Kong digital marketing agency.

“There are significant discrepancies over the culture and political atmosphere between Hong Kong and the mainland. Some strategies work here may offend people on the other side of the border.”

The actions against TVB and other non-cooperative campaigns launched by mostly young protesters were aimed at forcing Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor to completely retract the bill even after she apologised twice for the way the proposals were handled and called it “dead”.

Pocari Sweat among advertisers ditching Hong Kong’s TVB over claims of biased coverage

They have been severely critical of the bill, which would allow Hong Kong to send back offenders to jurisdictions it does not have any extradition deals with, such as the mainland, where critics said there are no guarantees of a fair trial.

They also called on Lam to withdraw the riot reference to the June 12 protest, among other demands.

Leung, of Hungry Digital, said there were some exceptions where a brand’s controversial views did not backfire.

Citing the world’s largest sports brand Nike as an example, he said its decision to feature the former NFL star and activist Colin Kaepernick in the brand’s advertising campaign for its 30th anniversary last September ended up being a success.

TVB protest row has firms distancing themselves from Hong Kong franchises

Kaepernick is a divisive figure in the United States for his silent kneeling protests against police brutality and racial inequality.

“Some brands like Nike chose to have a stance on sensitive issues, the outcome is attracting lots of attention, controversies and it is still doing well today,” he said.

Associate professor Billy Mak Sui-choi, of Baptist University’s department of finance and decision sciences, said companies should not take sides because they were accountable to shareholders and operated on a commercial basis.

“The management should be sensitive to politics and put in place protocol for staff not to bring politics into the office,” he said.

Maria Bakalova Tells Her Side of the ‘Borat 2’ Rudy Giuliani Scene: ‘My Heart Was Racing’

Maria Bakalova is finally talking in depth for the first time about “Borat 2,” in which her performance as Borat’s daughter, Tutar, has made her one of the year’s biggest breakout performers and a surprise Oscar contender. In an interview with The New York Times, the 24-year-old Bulgarian actress told her side of the story regarding the comedy sequel’s infamous Rudy Giuliani scene. Bakalova was at the center of the set piece as Tutar disguises herself as a journalist in order to score a one-on-one video interview with Giuliani.

When asked if she ever felt her life was in physical danger while filming “Borat 2,” Bakalova answered, “Maybe the scene when we were at the hotel and Rudy Giuliani called the police, I was kind of scared that something would happen. But fortunately, we escaped.”

Bakalova said she was “nervous” before entering the hotel room with Giuliani, adding, “My heart was racing. But Sacha was like, you should be nervous in this situation. So use your nerves. Convert them and accept them and they’re going to help you through everything.”

The scene ends with Giuliani and Bakalova as Tutar in a hotel room having drinks. Baron Cohen’s Borat crashes the meeting just as Giuliani is seen on the hotel bed in a potentially compromising position. While it appears Giuliani has his hands down his pants, he has argued that he was simply trying to take off the microphone he was wearing for the interview and then tucking in his shirt. Bakalova refused to share her opinion of what exactly went down.

“I saw everything that you saw,” the actress said. “If you saw the movie, that’s our message. We want everybody to see the movie and judge for themselves…Sacha jumped into the room quickly, because he’s been worried about me. So, if he were late, I don’t know how things were going to go. But he came just in time.”

Bakalova was also at the center of “Borat 2” scenes involving Jeanise Jones, who was hired to be Tutar’s babysitter and showed the character so much generosity that “Borat” fans crowdfunded over $100,000 for Jones following the sequel’s release.

“We spent maybe five, six hours with Jeanise and she is the person you see onscreen,” Bakalova said. “She is just incredible. She’s not an actress — she just wanted to help Tutar and for Tutar to appreciate herself, to follow her dreams and educate herself. We need people like Jeanise. She is an angel.”

As for what Baron Cohen’s best tip was during filming, Bakalova said it was a hand gesture to fight the urge to break character and ruin the scene. “There were moments when the scene was extremely funny and you just can’t stop laughing,” Bakalova said. “It’s bad, because people were able to realize that it’s a joke. He taught me a trick to cross my fingers, to put pressure on my fingers, to stop laughing.”

Head over to The New York Times’ website to read Bakalova’s full interview, including her thoughts on the “Borat 2” audition process.

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Bethenny Frankel is kicking off summer by catching some rays in a cute swimsuit. The Real Housewives of New York City alum looked radiant while rocking a teeny ruffled bikini and no makeup during a recent sunny day by the pool. On May 26, Bethenny took to Instagram to show off her strong bikini game. As captured in the snapshot below, the Skinnygirl entrepreneur was fresh-faced and glowing while soaking up the sun in a teeny white two-piece emblazoned with a colorful striped pattern. The flirty bikini also featured ruffle detailing to highlight the strapless top and low-rise bottoms. Bethenny topped off her casual poolside look with some gold bangles and a pair of large dark sunglasses. She also donned a wide-brim straw to protect her flawless complexion and straight, sleek strands. “Celebrating #NationalWineDay,” she wrote in the caption alongside the photo, also adding hashtags that read “unfiltered” and “no makeup.” View this post on Instagram A post shared by Bethenny Frankel (@bethennyfrankel) Want more RHONY? New episodes air every Tuesday at 9/8c or catch up on the Bravo app.

B.J. Thomas Dies: Grammy-Winning Hit Songwriter, Singer On ‘Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head’ Was 78

Five-time Grammy award winner and Grammy Hall of Fame inductee B.J. Thomas died today at his home in Arlington, Texas at 78. His death was confirmed on his official Facebook page and was attributed to complications from lung cancer. A versatile songwriter, Thomas’s career spanned country, pop and gospel, earning him CMA, Dove and Grammy […]

Joe Lara Dies: ‘Tarzan: The Epic Adventures’ Star Dies In Plane Crash With Diet Guru Wife Gwen

Joe Lara, who played Tarzan in the early 1990s television series Tarzan: The Epic Adventures, died in a plane crash Saturday near Nashville. He was 58 years old and was one of seven people killed in the private jet accident. Tarzan: The Epic Adventures was an American adventure drama series that aired for one season in […]

Anti-vaxxer sheriff's deputy dies from COVID-19 complications shortly after mocking the vaccine on Facebook

"I have an immune system," said one of the social media posts that Daniel ɽuke' Trujillo had shared shortly before his death from COVID-19.

Trump appointees have been left furious after being asked to 'immediately' pay thousands of dollars in deferred payroll taxes, which they thought would be forgiven

Former members of Donald Trump's administration were assured that payroll levies would be forgiven - but are now being told to pay up within 30 days

Christian Diet Guru and 6 Others Presumed Dead After Plane Crashes Into Tennessee Lake

Screenshot/YouTubeA Christian diet guru and six other people are presumed dead after her small plane crashed into the waters of Tennessee lake on Saturday morning. Authorities were called to the Percy Priest Lake around 11 a.m., not long after the plane took off from the nearby Smyrna Rutherford County Airport. Late Saturday evening, investigators said they believed all seven passengers had perished. The cause of the crash is still under investigation. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Joe Lara (@joelaraofficial) The plane, a Cessna C501, belonged Gwen Shamblin Lara, founder of the Remnant Fellowship Church and author of The Weigh Down Workshop, and her husband William J. Lara, who went by Joe. The couple lived in nearby Brentwood and had registered the plane via their company JL&GL Productions LP. The aircraft has not been located, but Tennessee Highway Patrol told News Channel 5 that officers located debris consistent with a Cessna C501 and that a small plane had been seen descending into the water near a boat ramp early Saturday.Lara’s daughter, Elizabeth Hannah, sent a text message to members of the Remnant Fellowship Church saying that her mother and father were aboard the aircraft when it was forced to make a “quick, controlled landing.” All the plane’s passengers had ties to the church, including Hannah’s own husband Brandon, according to her text. The others aboard were David and Jennifer Martin and Jonathan and Jessica Walters, according to authorities.“My brother and I are asking for immediate prayers right now, as we have just gotten word that Gwen and Joe Lara’s plane had to go down,” Hannah wrote before authorities said everyone appeared to have been killed. “More information to come, but be in prayer—and be at peace,” the message continued. “GOD IS IN CONTROL, and we will not stop moving forward with WHAT GOD WANTS with this church.”Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

INDY 500 NOTEBOOK: Loose wheel ends Rahal's race

One minute, Graham Rahal was a serious Indianapolis 500 contender. Rahal entered the pits with the lead as Lap 119 approached but when he returned to the oval, a loose left rear tire fell off. The pit-row miscue sent the No. 15 Honda spinning hard into the second turn wall as the tire bounced into the front of Conor Daly's oncoming car.

Shelter in place issued for parts of Deptford Township, NJ: Officials

A shelter in place has been issued for parts of Deptford Township, Gloucester County. The area impacted is Pasadena Avenue and Hurffville Road.

Jeff Wilson out, many returning for training camp, Fred Warner and more 49ers news

We look at the last week of news for the Arizona Cardinals' division rivals, the San Francisco 49ers.


The eatery revealed its lasagne is shipped in from Italy to be served in British restaurants, while its dough is mixed in a central bakery rather than individually prepared in kitchens.

A spokesperson for the company confirmed this is the case to FEMAIL stating: 'Our dough recipe has remained the same for over 50 years and we’re dedicated to ensuring that it’s consistently of the highest quality.

'It is prepared in our bakery using the finest ingredients, including British flour, and then proved in our restaurants by our expert Pizzaiolos who stretch, toss and top each and every pizza to order.

Simon Rimmer and Kate Quilton present Tricks Of The Restaurant Trade and questioned why some chains aren't more open about where they prepare meals

'This is all done in our fully open plan kitchens which allow our guests to see their food as its being prepared.

'One of our popular lasagne dishes is made to a special recipe by a family-run business in Italy, using quality ingredients.'

Meanwhile, on the show, Channel 4 said Pizza Express' dessert menu includes a chocolate fudge cake baked on-site but their other puddings are supplied by outside caterer's Bidvest Food Service.

The Pizza Express spokesperson said: 'Some of our desserts are also prepared this way and finished by hand in our restaurants.

'Just like our founder, we remain passionate about creating dishes that are delicious and innovative, and by nurturing relationships and having a rigorous development process in place, our customers can enjoy the same great quality in each and every restaurant, every time.'

However, Pizza Express denied to FEMAIL that it uses Bidvest - but declined to share which companies it does use.

Bidvest supplies a number of other British high street chains - providing everything from all-day breakfasts that just need to be microwaved and then served, to main meals and desserts.

Kate, pictured standing up, hosted a dinner party for friends where she later admitted she had bought all the food from a catering company who supply some British high street restaurants. The food comes in bags and just needs to be microwaved to be served. Kate even served ready-made scrambled eggs for breakfast

Bidvest would not confirm which other chains they supply telling Channel 4: 'We are silent partners to our customers and not wanting to highlight our services to consumers.'

The show said it had an obligation to stop diners feeling misled over how their foods is prepared when they order at a restaurant.

Presenter Kate Quilton said: 'The problem is there is a lack of openness in the industry about the fact some of them are ordering from catering companies.

'I feel cheated, if I go to a restaurant and I order a meal, I expect them to have made it.'

Kate ordered some of the ready-meals from Bidvest to serve to her friends at a dinner party and they were shocked when she later admitted she hadn't made any of the food herself - and that the same thing could happen to them when they eat out.

One of her friends admitted: 'When you eat out, you expect something that you wouldn't do for yourself at home.'

Another friend was stunned when Kate revealed their breakfast the next morning was also ready and waiting in a bag to be microwaved in a trick also used by some chains.

Simon visited Pete's Patisserie in East Midlands - a catering company which makes desserts served in Holiday Inn hotels

Frankie & Benny's gets all its desserts, including its chocolate brownie, left, and apple pie right, from a caterer's rather than baking them to order in its restaurants

'Scrambled eggs? No!' said one of her friends of the ready-prepared breakfast. 'It takes two minutes to scramble an egg!'

Another business which was open about how its food is prepared is healthy eating-chain Leon.

It told Channel 4 that some of its dishes are made in a central kitchen and then delivered to each individual outlet.

It stated: 'Dishes that are best made centrally are made centrally, such as complex and highly-skilled recipes where the flavour improves in the two to three days it takes to reach the restaurant.'

Leon confirmed this with FEMAIL, with a spokesperson for the company stating: 'All of our recipes are developed by our CEO and co-founder John Vincent, co-founder Henry Dimbleby and Tom, our Head of Food.

'We also enlist the help and support of other chefs such as Kay Plunkett-Hogge and Jane Baxter with whom John and Henry have written two of our cookbooks.

'Dishes such as our Chicken, Lemon and Olive Tagine and our Thai Chicken curry (both developed by John and Kay) are made centrally and then sent to each restaurant.

Kate met Andrew King, managing director at Funkin, who supplies pre-made cocktails in cartons to restaurants like Pizza Hut. All they need to do is add the alcohol to the mix

'This maximises the flavour and consistency across all restaurants. As any domestic cook knows, certain dishes such as stews and curries also develop a deeper and more complex flavour if prepared in advance.'

Meanwhile, Frankie & Benny's and Chiquito confirmed on the show that it gets all its desserts from a caterer's called Brake's, who are also used by Garfunkels among other suppliers.

Another popular caterer is Pete's Patisserie. It has a production line at its East Midlands base making desserts such as cheesecakes, apple pies and fruit crumbles which can then be delivered to clients around the country, rather than each pud being individually made in the restaurant kitchen after it has been ordered by a diner.

Pete's Patisserie told Channel 4 that it supplies desserts to some Holiday Inn hotel restaurants and cakes for Thornton's.

And it is not just food that can be ready-made for restaurant chains.

Kate met Andrew King, managing director at Funkin, who said he supplies syrups, purees and pre-made mixers to many bars and restaurants on the high street, including Wetherspoons and Yates.

Most recently he told how the company had supplied Pizza Hut with cocktail mixes in a carton with staff only needing to add alcohol before serving.

Andrew King said Pizza Hut uses his pre-made mixes for their cocktails, pictured

He explained: 'We take all the ingredients except the alcohol and mix them up in carton so any barman can make a cocktail irrespective of what skill they have.'

When asked if he thought people buying a cocktail in a restaurant would be shocked to learn it came from a carton rather than being freshly prepared, he said: 'Provided it tastes great and it has the alcohol of choice and the fruit they want in it, I think they will be delighted.'

Chef and restauranter Simon Rimmer, who co-presents Tricks Of The Restaurant Trade, said he understands why many chains use a central kitchen to produce their food so it can then be delivered to restaurants to be served.

He said: 'As a chef I think there are many good reasons for using central kitchens, mainly for maintaining consistency and quality. But what I don't understand if why they are not more upfront with customers?'

Peter Harden, co-founder Harden's Restaurant Guides, agreed that having food made elsewhere is understandable in order to run a profitable chain.

He said: 'Even a very good kitchen may find there are certain components which are better made elsewhere and brought in.

'They could get better consistency, there is no reason for them to employ a certain grade chef other than for producing a certain grade dish. It is not necessarily a bad thing.'

MailOnline has contacted Frankie & Benny's for comment.

Pizza Express added: 'Our dough recipe . is prepared in our bakery . then proved in our restaurants. This is all done in our fully open plan kitchens which allow our guests to see their food as its being prepared

'One of our popular lasagne dishes is made to a special recipe by a family-run business in Italy, using quality ingredients. Some of our desserts are also prepared this way and finished by hand in our restaurants.'

A Pizza Hut spokesman said: 'Our cocktails feature a range of flavours and ingredients.

'We use popular mixes such as Funkin as a basis for our cocktails but each undergoes its own twist with additional ingredients to create our own signature style.'

According to Pizza Hut, its partnership with the Kellog Company gave Pizza Hut a chance to bring more choices to people. Pizza Hut released the first �% meat-free pizza” on its menu as the Garden Specialty Pizza.

In March 2018, Pizza Hut released 64 pairs of Bluetooth-enabled high-top sneakers that can order a large two-topping pizza. Called ‘Pie Tops,’ the sneakers feature a button connected to Pizza Hut Delivery online, which allows the wearer to place an order at the press of a button.

Watch the video: A shaking woman secretly slips a handwritten note to a veterinarian (July 2022).


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