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Baked cheese and dill pies

Baked cheese and dill pies

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First prepare the filling: grated Telemea cheese is mixed with sour cream and bellows cheese, then add the washed and chopped dill.

In a large bowl put the yeast, salt and sugar.

Stir to liquefy the yeast, add warm water, flour, knead and drizzle from time to time olive oil, until the dough comes off the hands.

Cover with a clean kitchen napkin and leave the dough to rise for an hour and a half until it triples in volume.

Sprinkle flour on the work table, break pieces of dough that we cut into rolls, grease half of the dough with the cheese filling, cover with the other half, the patterned one.

Preheat the oven to 185 degrees.

Place the pies in the tray lined with baking paper.

Grease them with beaten egg, sprinkle table seeds and sunflower seeds and bake the pies until they look brown.

We serve hot or cold pies, they are excellent anyway .....

Good appetite!

Recipes from Moldova, Maramures or Turkey at the festival

Being a Centennial year, we will celebrate the Union in tastes and pies! Maramureş chalk pies are promised, served with horincă, at ​​the bottom. They are traditional for Epiphany in Maramures, but they are made all over the country. Let me tell you what we need for the Cabbage recipe, cabbage pies :. I prefer cabbage and potatoes, that's what I do, my husband prefers cheese and dill, that's how I make them, baby.

From weed and cheese pies, homemade cakes and cold pressed oil to bottles. Rodica Ţiplea from Ocna Şugatag will invite you to steaming Maramures pies, with cheese and dill, prepared on the spot at the Slow Food stand. Weed pie: with onion, dill and lobster. Note: You can make the pie filled with boiled and grated potatoes, sauerkraut. In Romania we find donuts filled with cheese, be it sweet.

There are also differences in the method of preparation, the cheeses being baked in the oven. Frying pans with cheese and dill are extremely delicious and quick to prepare. The recipe is a simple, easy to prepare by anyone.

Peasant pies with urda and dill

I guess I can put cow's milk instead of urda, right?

Of course!! you can use any type of cheese & you can make them both sweet and salty. They can also be filled with cabbage, potatoes, even sauteed vegetables.


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I prepared the dough according to the dough recipe with fresh yeast for baked pies (roll), you can replace the olive oil with the sunflower oil. Follow the steps exactly as in the recipe.

Divide the dough into 12-14 pieces, depending on how big you want to make the pies. Cover them with a kitchen towel and let them rest a bit.

Meanwhile, prepare the filling: in a deeper bowl we put fresh cottage cheese, add 4 eggs, finely chopped onion and dill, 1 teaspoon of salt and mix all the ingredients, taste and if necessary you can add a little more salt. .

We put the filling aside and now we take care of the dough pieces.

Give each piece of dough a round shape with the facalet, grease them well with oil on top. Let them rest for a few minutes.

Then we need a kitchen towel about 70 cm long and 35 cm wide. First we spread the dough in our hands and then we carefully spread it, very thin, on the whole surface of the towel.

Ingredients for the recipe for the pie pie, with cheese and dill

  • 2 eggs
  • 300 gr flour
  • 300 gr cottage cheese
  • 350 ml of milk
  • 50 gr butter
  • Salt pepper
  • Freshly chopped dill
  • Parmesan (optional)

How do we prepare the pie recipe in the pan?

We will beat the eggs with a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper until they lighten a little in color.

We will add half the amount of flour and half of the milk and we will mix just enough to incorporate them, then we will put the dill, cheese, the rest of the flour and the rest of the milk and we will mix only for a minute.

This is what our composition should look like.

In a pan greased with half the butter we will put our dough and we will put it on the stove, on low to medium heat for 10-15 minutes (a light golden crust will form, from that moment we leave it for 5-7 minutes) .

Then with the help of a plate, we will turn the pie, but before we put it in the pan on the other side, we will grease the pan with the rest of the butter and we will proceed like the first part.

Grate grated Parmesan cheese on top and dill and serve hot. The cheese and dill pie is ready, we can enjoy it.

The average grade given by the jury for this recipe is 10.

Recipes with Gina Bradea & raquo Recipes & raquo Frying pan pie with cheese and dill, quick recipe

Russian babane pies are wonderful. Here we are talking about taste, flavors and appearance. Baked cheese pies fall into the category of those dishes that you eat with your eyes first and then you are surprised that they are better than you imagined.

The first time I tried this recipe was more than a year ago. I had served this delicacy at a food festival and I immediately fell in love. That is, when you are a languid fan of cheese or baked pies, you expect to like these cheesecakes. Look, it wasn't like that at all, the top of my preferences was completely turned upside down. Returning to the wonderful pies with baked cheese, from the mentioned quantities we obtained 6 pies with babane cheese. And when I say babane, a pie is made in a tray with a diameter of 21 cm.

So these cheese pies must be served with loved ones. The first time because you have no way in this life to eat such a tasty and full pie. If you ask me, 2 adults or 4 children can be fed from a pie.

You can portion the dough so that you get 12 cheesecakes, depending on the size you want. Here you have to take into account the baking time, a babana pie bakes in about 20 minutes. The smaller or thinner you make them, the less time they will stay in the oven.

How do we make the best dough for fluffy cheese pies?

For a perfect dough of fluffy cheese pies, all you have to do is knead it well until it becomes supple, elastic and does not stick to your hands. This dough is soft but not sticky. It is important to knead it enough to develop the gluten in the flour. If the dough is much stickier than the one in my clip, add a little more flour. Sometimes the flour is wetter and requires less liquid, other times it is drier and requires more liquid. This also depends on temperature, humidity, season or even altitude. Adjust the amount of flour or liquid so that you get the consistency of the dough from the video recipe. However, do not add too much flour, knead well and only if necessary add a tablespoon.

The filling for these fluffy cheese pies is also easy to make. All you need is Telemea cheese and greens. I used parsley, but you can also use dill or green onions. If the cheese is too dry, you can add another egg or a little yogurt to the filling. Of course you can fill the pies with something else. You can choose sweet or salty fillings, as you wish. You can put jam and ground walnuts, chocolate, sweet cheese and raisins. As salty fillings you can choose sauerkraut, potatoes, mushrooms, ham and cheese or any other combination you like. If you want to try some super croissants, I invite you to prepare the recipe for Moldovan horns. They are just as fluffy and easy to prepare.

Ingredients Pies with green onions and dill

500 gr white flour 000
300 ml of warm water
1 packet of fresh yeast of 25 gr (or an envelope of dry yeast)
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon sugar

2 green onion bindings
1 dill connection
3 tablespoons oil

Preparation Pies with green onions and dill

  1. We make mayonnaise from yeast, a little warm water and sugar. Knead the dough from all the ingredients until it is elastic and comes off the hands, then let it rise for at least 1 hour. I kneaded it in the bread machine, when I arrived from work it was nicely grown.
  2. During this time we prepare the filling: chop the onion and dill, add a little salt and then the oil and mix well.
  3. On the floured work table, divide the dough in two, then each piece again in two, and then each of the 4 pieces again in two, thus obtaining 8 approximately equal dough balls.
  4. Spread each piece of dough as thin as you can. Place 2 tablespoons of the filling on half of it. Bring the other half of the dough over the one with the filling and press with your fingers at the end to seal the filling. Spread the pie obtained a little with the rolling pin, but be careful not to let the filling come out!
  5. Put a finger oil in a non-stick pan. When hot, fry the pies on both sides until golden brown. If they tend to swell during baking, prick them with a fork in a few places.

2. Spread the dough sheet and put the filling

3. Fold the pie and seal it

4. Fry the pies on both sides

5. Pies with green onions and dill

Method of preparation

Mix the flour, yeast and sugar well in a work bowl, add warm water little by little and knead them until smooth. Cover the pot, leave it in the kitchen, in a warm place, to ferment for about 10-15 minutes.
Melt the butter over low heat and then add it over the dough, in streams, little by little, together with the oil (the 5 tablespoons). Then add the yolks and salt, knead a little and leave to rise again, just like the first time, but this time for an hour.
We make from the dough 12 balls that we will spread by hand, on a surface greased with oil.
Prepare the filling by mixing the Focsani Cream or the grated cheese, with the beaten egg whites and the finely chopped dill.
If necessary, add a little more salt (I have not added).
After spreading the pie dough, put 1-1 and 1/2 tablespoon of the filling in the middle and pull the edges of the dough over the filling. We press by hand until we have the pie the size of the tray in which we will bake the pies.
Put a non-stick pan to heat on the fire, on low heat and bake the pies on both sides. If the pan is good, it does not need to be greased, the oil on the pie dough is enough.
Bake the pies on both sides until they are all nicely browned.
Serve the pies as such or greased with sour cream on top.
Good appetite and. to pies before! That we just don't eat from them every day.

69 simple recipes for baked cheese pie

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