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Fruity sex on the beach cocktail recipe

Fruity sex on the beach cocktail recipe

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This is a great alternative to the classic sex on the beach cocktail. A glass is filled with ice, peach schnapps, raspberry liqueur, orange juice and lemon-lime fizzy drink.

5 people made this

IngredientsServes: 1

  • 4 ice cubes
  • 2 tablespoons peach schnapps
  • 2 tablespoons raspberry flavoured liqueur
  • 125ml orange juice
  • 2 tablespoons chilled lemon-lime fizzy soft drink

MethodPrep:5min ›Ready in:5min

  1. Fill a highball glass with ice cubes. Pour in the peach schnapps, raspberry liqueur and orange juice. Stir and top off with a splash of lemon-lime soft drink.

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by freckles

I added ABSOLUT RASBERRY Vodka instead of the rasberry liquer for an extra kick and it tasted great! Thanks KristaR68.-16 Mar 2010

by Sarah Jo

I added one oz. of vanilla Stoli and upped the lemon lime soda just a bit. I like my drinks a little stronger. Nice change from your average sex on the beach.-23 Sep 2009


- Country Time Pink Lemonade Mix

- Smirnoff Watermelon Vodka

- Simply Brand (Apple, Orange, Etc.) Juice Container

Carefully wash out your Simply brand Juice Container. Then use the funnel to neatly pour 4 scoops of Country Time Pink Lemonade into the container. Next, measure out 1 cup of Smirnoff brand Watermelon Vodka, 1/3 cup Triple Sec, and 1/3 cup Malibu Coconut Rum into a measuring cup and use the funnel to add your mixture. Using cold water, fill the rest of the container up to the base of the neck. Rinse 4 strawberries and cut straight across with a knife to remove the stem. Then place the strawberries upside down on the cutting board and slice evenly into 4 pieces using two motions forming a cross. Drop the strawberries in, add water to the top, cap and shake gently to mix. Refrigerate and voila! Hippie Juice!

An infamous cocktail during the 1980s.


There are approximately 212 calories in one serving of Fruity Sex on the Beach.

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  • Author: Eats By The Beach
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: Makes 1 drink 1 x


This classic tropical cocktail is sweet, fruity, and deceptively strong. It is a lovely addition to your beach party, girl’s night out, or backyard, summer barbecue.


Orange slices for garnish


Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour in the vodka, schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice. Shake vigorously until the outside of the shaker is icy cold. Strain into a tall glass and garnish with an orange slice. Enjoy.

Keywords: classic tropical cocktail, classic cocktails, summer drinks, fruity cocktails, girl's night out, happy hour cocktails,

How to Make a Sand Bucket Cocktail

  • The most important thing to know when making these bucket drinks is that EVERYTHING is customizable. You can switch out the alcohols, juices, fruits, and even the carbonated soda. As long as you stick with the measurements I provided, your beach bucket cocktail will come out amazing. I will give you suggestions in terms of the swapping out of ingredients as we walk through the recipe.

½ cup coconut rum, ¼ tropical fruit rum, ½ fruit juice, ¼ pineapple juice, 1 can orange Fanta, 1 can mango hard seltzer, frozen and fresh fruit for garnish

Begin by adding ice to your sand bucket. Add enough ice to fill the bucket ¾ of the way full. I ended up having to add more than what is pictured below.

Add ½ cup of coconut rum to your beach bucket.

Next, add ¼ of a cup of tropical fruit rum. Feel free to substitute a different flavored rum like pineapple, mango, or even banana. Or you can skip the flavor all together and just go for a regular silver rum.

The fruit juice comes next. You’ll want to add ½ of a cup of your fruit juice. Any variety of fruit juice will work but I used the V8 Splash mango peach variety.

You’ll want to add ¼ of a cup of pineapple juice next. Again, you can swap the pineapple juice for something else like orange juice.

With your juices and rums in the sand bucket, give it a good stir to mix everything together.

Add a can of orange Fanta next. You can substitute Sprite, 7-Up, or any flavored sparkling water instead. I think I’ll make it with a mango-flavored Bubly next time!

Now it’s time to add your floating can of hard seltzer. I used the mango-flavored hard seltzer by Bud Light but the skies are the limit here when choosing what to put in your beach bucket cocktail. You can use any brand of flavored hard seltzer or even add a bottled drink like Smirnoff Ice. Mike’s Hard Lemonade bottles would work well too!

Open up the can and quickly flip it into your sand bucket cocktail so it’s floating upside down in your drink. Now is the time to drop in some frozen fruit too!

Put a few maraschino cherries on your drink umbrella and add it to your sand pail along with a straw. Adding fruit to your shovel is completely optional but I couldn’t help myself. It made for the perfect picture!

Again, this Sand Bucket Cocktail is completely and totally customizable to your likings and to what you have on hand. Just follow my measurements and you’ll be on the way to the best summer bucket drink you’ll consume this season. Enjoy!

The Recipe Room

The Sex on the Beach Cocktail (SOTB) is one of the first cocktails I learned how to make. It’s also one of the most popular.

Sex on the Beach is a delicious fruity drink that almost anyone would like. It’s a great tropical highball that is wonderful on hot summer nights or afternoons at the beach. Beginning bartenders should place Sex on the Beach as first on their list of “must-know-how-to-make.” (Another beach favourite is this Tropical Sundown.)

The SOTB is a relatively young and popular cocktail. It was invented approximately at the end of 80’s or beginning of the 90’s in order to promote peach schnapps in Florida. With the influx of tourism for spring break, Republic National Distributor devised a contest that would pay the bar that sold the most peach schnapps a bonus of $1,000. The bartender with the highest sales of schnapps at the winning bar would receive $100 as well. As you can imagine, there was quite a bit of competition!

A bartender named Ted Pizio mixed peach schnapps, vodka, orange juice and grenadine. When Pizio began to sell the sweet and tasty beverage, he was soon asked what it was called. On the spot, Pizio thought about all the partiers that he had seen and the reason why thousands of them came to Florida for spring break and said, “Sex on the Beach”!

There are three types of SOTB. The first one is an International Bartenders’ Association Official Cocktail it is made from vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice. This is one of my favourites.

The second type is made with vodka, Chambord, Midori, pineapple juice and cranberry juice. This variation is used by TGI Friday’s and is listed in the Mr. Boston Official Bartender’s Guide.

The third version is mine. Try it and tell me what you think:

  • 4.5cl vodka
  • 1.5cl peach schnapps
  • 1cl Chambord (raspberry liqueur)
  • 6cl cranberry juice
  • 6cl pineapple juice
  • crushed ice

How it’s made:
1. Shake all ingredients and strain into highball glass with ice.
2. Garnish with a lime wedge and cherry.

Time: less than 2 minutes
Makes: 1 cocktail

This entry was posted on Thursday, 19 April, 2012 at 1:21 pm by Jeremy Larson and is filed under Less than 30 minutes. You can follow any responses to this entry through the feed RSS 2.0. You can leave a comment, or make a trackback from your own blog.

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Best Sex On The Beach Cocktail Recipe

Bronzer - Sex on the Beach Pick Category Item name requirements Correction Brand Name requirements Correction Category requirements Correction Item Components are Listed Incorrectly Components is displaying incorrect data Item is Discontinued Image is Incorrect Item is Duplicate Other people

Sex on the Beach Sweet, refreshing, and a touch rebellious – no, we’re not speaking about your dating app bio – just our take on the classic Sex on the Beach cocktail. Nothing at all says a superior time rather like the mix of orange, peach, and cranberries.

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Sex on the Beach meals pairings Fish, Indian & Mexican meals, tacos with shrimp and avocado, pasta with four cheeses, chicken Indian curry, lamb shish kebab, cheeseburger, Cantonese rice, cream of fennel with bacon and mushrooms. And the celebration goes on!

The sweet, fruity drink recognized as Sex on the Beach is a mixture of vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice, and orange juice. It is exciting and scrumptious and a good conversation starter, just for the name alone. It is the excellent summer season cocktail for hanging about the pool or lounging on the beach.

Sex On The Beach cocktail tasting kit present box for two or four individuals. Consists of all the components to make this cocktail at residence. No cost UK delivery.

I produced this remarkable Sex on the Beach Celebration Punch for a 4th of July Celebration final year and it was a hit! You can also get in touch with it A Day on the Beach Punch about the little ones, but the usual name for this cocktail is the attractive 1! This well-known Sex on the Beach Drink Recipe is generally a hit at any celebration.

Sex on the Beach Components: - 1 1/two oz. vodka - three/four oz. peachtree schnapps - 1/two oz. creme de cassis - two oz. orange juice - two oz. cranberry juice - orange slice, maraschino cherry Shake all the components in a shaker with ice and strain into a highball glass. Garnish with lime wedge.

Recette Sex on the beach : découvrez les ingrédients, ustensiles et étapes de préparation

Step 1. Melt butter in saucepan. Add finely chopped pecans and flour and blend into paste. Spread paste evenly more than bottom of buttered 13- by 9-inch baking dish.

Sex in a pan is a well-known dessert recipe with layers of chocolate and vanilla puddings, whipped topping and cream cheese and a pecan cookie crust. . Collect components. Preheat the oven to 350 F. The Spruce . Combine flour, butter, and pecans and press into a 9x13x2-inch baking pan. Bake in the preheated oven for 16 to 20 minutes.

12 Malibu Rum Drinks That Taste Like the Beach

Malibu isn't only is it a city in California, but it's also a brand of rum. Although the winter seems never-ending with the constant fluctuating temperature and the snow, summer is indeed right around the corner. And for me, that means Malibu rum drinks. While most of us—myself included—will be hitting up the beach this summer, we may want a drink to keep us hydrated. These Malibu rum drinks taste just like the beach and are perfect for sipping when it gets warm.


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