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7 recipes for a global buffet

7 recipes for a global buffet

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Check out our favourite flavours and recipes from around the world to create a super-special buffet.

These cute little kebabs are bursting with classic Greek flavour. They take no time at all to put together and make a hero of the gorgeous ‘squeaky’ halloumi!

Be brave with the lime juice and chilli in this Mexican salad, your taste buds will thank you for it. Scale up or down depending on how many people you are feeding.

You can knock up this killer lamb tagine in just 15 minutes – happy days! It’s a nod to the traditional Moroccan dish, capturing some of the classic north African flavours of cumin and chilli.

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Everyone loves a potato salad! This twist on an Indian classic uses fresh, light ingredients to brighten up a widely known dish.

The cornmeal in this recipe creates a brilliant, rustic, spongy texture. The bread has incredible flavour – let it transport you straight to the southern states of America.

Unbeatably British, the summer pudding is a quirky centrepiece that celebrates our amazing native berry season. Serve with ice cream or custard for the full joyous effect.

Lay out a platter of these dark Italian biscotti and we can guarantee they won’t last long. Originally made as a long-life foodstuff – baked twice until dry, and containing no fats, this Italian biscuit was traditionally the ideal snack for travellers.

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