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How to make mussel linguine

How to make mussel linguine

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Each month we help you up your kitchen ante by sharing two clever technique videos, then bringing these skills together in one delicious recipe. Take a look at the brilliant Skill School series here, and catch up on what we’ve already covered.

This month, we’re making Grandad’s mussel linguine, it’s a gorgeous seafood pasta dish with a hint of chilli and parsley. We’re using a clever tip for preparing mussels and Jamie’s no-fuss hacks for peeling garlic.


Clean, wash and de-beard your mussels like a pro with our mate Bart’s top tips. This little one-minute video explains how to spot good, healthy mussels and prep your shellfish ready for cooking.


Jamie has some tips for how to prepare garlic.

Now, put your new skills together and rustle up this incredible dish of mussel linguine in no time at all!

For more clever ideas in the kitchen, take a look at our collection of how to features.

Watch the video: Linguine Vongole with Gennaro Contaldo (July 2022).


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