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How to cook the perfect roast dinner

How to cook the perfect roast dinner

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A stunning centrepiece, gnarly roast potatoes, gorgeous veg and rich gravy – the roast dinner is a beautiful thing. Whatever you’re roasting, from beef to butternut squash, this ultimate guide will help you make every dish on the table extra special.


Go for something seasonal and buy the best quality you can afford – you’ll taste the difference in whatever you’re serving. For tips on timings and temperatures, check out our meat roasting guide. Otherwise, these veggie centrepieces are a delicious alternative.

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The story starts with the Maris Piper potato – these humble British spuds give you a roastie that’s fluffy on the inside; crunchy on the outside. Choose your fat (olive oil and butter is a classic combo), and throw in some herbs or spices for added flavour. Here, Jamie shows you how to get a perfect roast potato every time, as well as sharing his top tip for ultimate crispiness.


Giving veg a bit of love is a simple way to take your Sunday spread up a notch. A little chorizo with Brussels sprouts (or a hit of Worcestershire sauce) will convert even the most hardened hater! A handful of flaked almonds in your cauliflower cheese, a squeeze of clementine juice on your carrots, or a drizzle of honey on your parsnips are all super-easy ways to make your roast dinner really sing.

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Grab a bowl and whip-up a batch of these classic Yorkshire treats. Their crispy edges and chewy centres make them perfect for collecting gorgeous gravy – an awesome accompaniment to any roast dinner (not just beef!). Watch the video above and learn Jamie’s genius tips for perfect Yorkies.


A good gravy has the power to transform, or even save, a meal. This recipe can be made well in advance and brings masses of flavour – a wicked way to help you get ahead.

Buy Jamie’s Christmas Cookbook to help you take any feast – Christmas and beyond – to the next level.

Watch the video: The Food Lab: How to Roast the Best Potatoes of Your Life (July 2022).


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