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What to eat in December

What to eat in December

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When the days are short and the evenings are long, there’s nothing better than snuggling down with a warming stew, a comforting gratin of root veg or pushing the boat out with a plate of gorgeous seasonal seafood.

December brings with it some fantastic flavours from the veg patch, including Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, beetroot, leeks and kale. British apples and pears are thriving, while winter citrus fruits and tropical treats, such as clementines, cranberries and tangerines, are at their best.

Mid-winter is the height of the game season, so look out for guinea fowl, partridge, pheasant and venison in your butcher’s. And seafood is also abundant in these colder months – it’s a great time to eat oysters, clams, langoustines and more.

Here are our favourite recipes to celebrate the fantastic ingredients of December.

This famous entrée, probably the most popular oyster dish, has many variations. These ones have an added mix of celery, spring onion and tarragon, and are baked with a golden breadcrumb crust. Epic!

A brilliant edible Christmas gift, this citrus curd bursts with the distinctive fragrance of clementines, and is amazing on hot crumpets. It’s a gorgeous filling for classic sponge cakes, too.

With a little bacon, herbs and nice booze, pheasant is simply delicious; add a few chestnut dumplings and it’s out of this world. A wonderful Sunday afternoon recipe, this dish is a real winter wonder!

For more seasonal ideas, check out our collection of game recipes. And of course, Christmas is just around the corner, so find some extra festive inspiration on our Christmas hub.

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