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5 Christmas Eve dinner ideas

5 Christmas Eve dinner ideas

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Looking for a great Christmas Eve dinner idea? We’ve got a gorgeous selection of recipes for you to try.

Although the menu for Christmas Day is pretty well mapped out, Christmas Eve can be a good time to experiment with something a little different. Why not try a beautifully flaky vegan m’hanncha pie, or an epic porchetta with herby stuffing and the crispiest crackling? Go on, give it a go – it’s Christmas!


Moroccan m’hanncha (meaning ‘snake’) is a wonderful way to wrap up colourful smashed veg and grains to make an impressive-looking dinner, while also adding amazing texture. This m’hanncha recipes uses dried apricots and dates for sweetness, but feel free to swap in your favourite dried fruits – chewy sour cherries would work a treat.


Christmas Eve dinner ideas don’t come classier than this – a gorgeous seafood supper that’s perfect before the meatfest of Christmas Day. If you can’t get dried borlotti beans, just use the equivalent amount of tinned, drained beans.


This spiced and punchy roast pork adds a bit of vibrance to the table. Going heavy with garlic and ginger makes for a heady, fragrant pork loin, while the turmeric gives everything an amazing pop of colour.


A stunning veggie showstopper that feels like a proper feast, this is a Christmas Eve dinner idea with a twist. If you’re making this for veggies or vegans, feel free to skip the anchovies – just add extra olives, or go a little heavier on the seasoning instead.


Nothing says party like porchetta! This is, without a doubt, the ultimate Christmas Eve dinner idea. It’s a thing of complete joy – you can cook this as the epic centrepiece of a big feast, or serve it up on a board with a carving knife at a party with buns, condiments, salad and gravy for dunking. Just wow.

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