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My Top 10 Recipes of 2018

My Top 10 Recipes of 2018

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Can you believe it? This year has passed by in the blink of an eye. I always love looking back at the year in recipes, since each one stirs memories of the circumstances surrounding it. I work so hard on my recipes that it’s quite difficult to pick favorites, but I’m perhaps most proud of these ten recipes. I’ll be back tomorrow with your favorite recipes.

This year, I tried to fill in the recipe gaps on the blog, developing Cookie and Kate-level recipes for basics like hummus, marinara, almond butter and red salsa. I had a lot of fun researching, testing and tweaking those recipes until they were just right.

I’m warning you, though: Those recipes will probably ruin the store-bought varieties for you (they certainly have for me). The good news is that they’re each simple to make and 100% percent worth the effort.

In 2018, I’m planning to create more creative weeknight dinners, giant salads (my favorite), and naturally sweetened treats. I’d also like to share approachable versions of the delicious recipes I’ve discovered on my travels. Please leave a comment and tell me what kinds of recipes you’d like to see! I am all ears, as always.

1) Epic Vegetarian Tacos

Gluten free and easily vegan

These vegetarian tacos are truly epic! Every great taco possesses the following qualities: something hearty (beans), something creamy (avocado), something crisp (shredded cabbage), something tangy (pickled onions and feta), and lots of fresh flavors. These tacos have those qualities in spades.

2) The Best Hummus

Gluten free and vegan

I’ve finally figured out how to make hummus as good as the best Middle Eastern restaurant’s. This hummus is exceptionally luxurious and creamy. You’ll have to visit the post to learn my tricks. :)

3) Super Simple Marinara Sauce

Gluten free and vegan

This marinara tastes heavenly, and could not be easier to make. You don’t even have to chop the onion.

4) Pinto Posole

Gluten free and vegan

This hearty Mexican-ish stew is warming, fresh and filling at the same time. It freezes and defrosts well, too.

5) Real Stovetop Mac and Cheese

Easily gluten free

It’s about time I came up with a go-to mac and cheese recipe. I tried mac and cheese every which way, and I’m in love with the final recipe you see here. It’s like homemade blue box mac and cheese, but a thousand times better.

6) Roasted & Raw Carrot Salad with Avocado

Gluten free

This crazy-looking salad features carrots at their best. Caramelized roasted carrots combined with super thin rounds of raw carrots offer an intriguing contrast of tender and crisp. Creamy avocado, fresh herbs and creamy, yogurt-based honey-mustard dressing make it irresistible.

7) The Best Red Sangria

Ta da! I finally cracked sangria. The trick is to choose the right kind of red wine. You can read all about it in the post.

8) Homemade Almond Butter

Gluten free and vegan

Homemade almond butter is pure gold. Truly, it’s so delicious and luxurious that you could gift jars of it (or save them all for yourself and save a bunch of money at the grocery store). Now, my breakfasts aren’t complete without it.

9) Pomegranate & Pear Green Salad with Ginger Dressing

Gluten free

My latest salad obsession, this pomegranate and pear salad is as fun to eat as it is to look at. Be sure to make it while pomegranates are still in season.

10) Restaurant-Style Red Salsa

Gluten free and vegan

Once I came up with this recipe, store-bought salsa hasn’t cut it for me any more. This simple red salsa recipe comes together in 10 minutes and tastes so fresh. Make it for your next party and your friends will ask you for the recipe.

More resources you might appreciate: 23 make-ahead breakfast recipes and 20 simple weeknight dinners. You can shop my essential kitchen equipment here. Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest for a steady stream of recipe inspiration!

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