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Love Real Food is On Sale & More Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Love Real Food is On Sale & More Last-Minute Gift Ideas

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Exciting news! I just found out that my cookbook, Love Real Food, is included in Amazon’s book promotion right now. Love Real Food is the perfect gift for the healthy home cooks, vegetarians and vegans, and dog lovers in your life.

How to save: Use promo code GIFTBOOK18 to save $5 when you spend $20 or more on books sold by Amazon is already offering the book at a great price, and now you can save even more!

Buy Love Real Food on Amazon here.

I’ve been thrilled to hear that the book makes moms, sisters, friends, neighbors and book clubs happy! The book has sold nearly 100,000 copies (!!!) thanks to your incredible support. Thank you.

More Gift-Worthy Cookbooks & Books

Buy two copies of Love Real Food to reach Amazon’s minimum for the promotion, or add one of these other awesome books to your cart! These links are affiliate links.

  • Six Seasons: A new way with vegetables from Chef Joshua McFadden.
  • What’s Gaby Cooking: Fresh and creative California-style recipes from Gaby Dalkin.
  • Love and Lemons Menu Planner: This inexpensive menu planner is so beautiful.
  • Ottolenghi Simple: Chef Ottolenghi’s new book with delicious simplified (amen) versions of his recipes.
  • Pretty Simple Cooking: Simple vegetarian recipes from Sonja and Alex of A Couple Cooks.
  • The Pretty Dish: Fun recipes and beauty DIYs from Jessica of How Sweet Eats.
  • The Fresh and Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook: Give this book to the Instant Pot-obsessed!
  • Vegetarian Flavor Bible: This is a flavor thesaurus, perfect for the home chef who loves to improvise.
  • Cooked: Food writer Michael Pollan explores how to cook with the elements—fire, water, air, and earth.
  • Homebody: Joanna Gaines’ new home design book on how to create spaces you never want to leave.

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Happy Holidays from Cookie and Kate! ♥

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