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This Company Aims to Tackle Excess Trash in Thailand By Making Food Packaging out of Bamboo

This Company Aims to Tackle Excess Trash in Thailand By Making Food Packaging out of Bamboo

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The company uses bamboo from scraps left over from chopstick manufacturing

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world.

Trash and waste management is a global issue and many companies are sourcing ways to combat the problem. One packaging company, Universal Biopack, is setting its sights on Thailand and using local crops to create sustainable packaging for restaurants and manufacturers in the country.

Instead of using plastic to make the packaging, the company uses bamboo and cassava which are abundant in Thailand, according to CNN.

Universal Biopack tapped into the technology developed at a university in Bangkok for “zero-waste” packaging that will help cut back on excess waste in the country.

The eco-friendly combination of bamboo and cassava in packaging took five years to develop and can even be used to package things beyond food, such as furniture and phones.

Although the technology is innovative, the company told CNN that it can be difficult to find new clients outside of the restaurants and organic farmers it already supplies.

“The local economy still does not support [this technology],” Suthep Vichakyothin, founder of Universal Biopack, said.


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