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Penne "carbonara" with smoked trout and zucchini


Cut the zucchini lengthwise into quarters. Remove the seeds and cut obliquely into 1-2 cm strips, about the same size as the feathers.

Saute the onion with the zucchini for 5 minutes, until they start to soften.

Meanwhile, chop the rosemary leaves and cut the trout into 1 cm strips. Add over the zucchini and onion. Cook for 5 minutes.

Mix eggs with milk and most of the Parmesan cheese, keeping for decoration.

Boil the pasta according to the instructions on the package. Drain, keeping a cup of water in which they boiled and add to the pan. Remove the pan from the heat, add the water in which they cooked the pasta, to cool the pan a little and immediately add eggs mixed with milk. Shake the pan until the pasta is covered with a creamy sauce, adding water to the boil, if necessary.

Serve immediately sprinkled with pepper and grated Parmesan cheese and sprinkled with lemon juice.

Nely`s Blog

1 smoked ciolan
1 kg of beans
1 carrot
5 onions
3 tablespoons broth
Bay leaves
green parsley

Choose the beans, wash them and leave them to soak in cold water from evening to morning, when you throw away the water in which they stood and put them to boil in cold water. After it has boiled, throw away the water and boil again but with hot water, adding the smoked ciolan cut according to preference (I had boned ciolan).
Take the foam on top whenever necessary. When the bean starts to crack, add the diced carrot. Meanwhile, fry the chopped onion in oil. When the onion becomes glassy, ​​put a cup of hot water and then the 3 tablespoons of broth. .Cook a little together with the broth and when the beans and the pieces of ciolan are almost cooked, add the onion sauce with broth, salt, pepper, thyme and bay leaves. All according to preference. Leave a little after which the fire is extinguished then add the crushed garlic and finely chopped parsley.
It's buuuuuuna. good with pickles!

Pumpkin and ricotta slices

As it is still the pumpkin season, and in my garden it abounds, I said to make a recipe based on them. And since I had a craving for pasta, I combined these two elements, and something delicious came out.


  • a small onion finely chopped
  • 4 pumpkins (about 10 cm long)
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 300 g of tagliatelle (I used it with spinach, but the simple ones go perfectly)
  • a few chopped basil leaves
  • grated peel of a lemon
  • 50 g race parmesan
  • 50 g peanuts (or pine seeds)
  • 250 g ricotta
  • thin ham cut as thin as possible or prosciutto (optional)

The zucchini are cut in half, the core is removed if it is too spongy and has large seeds, and it is sliced. Saute the onion in 2 tablespoons of oil then add the zucchini, and let it soften for about 7-10 minutes. Add the finely chopped garlic and ham if you opt for it, and leave for another 2-3 minutes.

Meanwhile, the pasta is boiled, and when they are ready, keep a little water from them, in case the sauce needs to be thinned.

When 2-3 minutes have passed after the garlic has been added, add the chopped basil, and the hazelnuts or pine nuts, mix well, and remove from the heat. Add the pasta, mix well, then add the lemon peel and Parmesan, and mix well again. Take a teaspoon of ricotta and put it in pasta. Stir gently.

I mixed everything well, and the ricotta stuck to the pasta. Very good in taste, but next time I will leave it in larger pieces, for appearance. It is eaten hot, with grated Parmesan cheese on top. And one more thing, I think hazelnuts can be replaced with nuts. Good appetite!


The Bio & co model is based on strong principles and values: Man is at the center of all our projects! Our vegetables have the taste of work, dignity, solidarity, nature and the land from which they grow! We promote a balanced and healthy diet for all, so we will build a food solidarity program for needy families and disadvantaged people.

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Bake in the oven

Boil the pasta in salted water and a little oil for 8-10 minutes, then pass through a stream of cold water and drain. Finely chop the onion and grind the garlic. Cut the bacon into strips. Peel a squash, grate it and slice it. The eggs are broken and the egg whites are separated from the yolks. Grate the cheese.

Method of preparation carbonara in the oven

Fry the onion, garlic and bacon in hot oil for 3-4 minutes until soft. Add the mushrooms and cook for another 2 minutes. Mix the pasta in a larger bowl with the whipped cream (cream) and egg yolks, then add the mixture of mushrooms and bacon. Homogenize everything, then add 300 g of cheese and season.

Pour this composition into an oven tray, sprinkle the rest of the cheese and place the tray in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

Pasta with salad is served.

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Bake in the oven

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Trout with rosemary, garlic and lemon

A perfectly simple recipe, of Italian origin and French refinement, but whose aromas of fish flavored with rosemary oils arouse the nostalgia of smoked trout lovers in fir satin. Because the trout with rosemary, garlic and lemon or white wine is of Italian origin and the method of preparation & # 8211 en papillote -, in which the fish is baked smothered in parchment paper or aluminum foil to enjoy the aromas of herbs, is specific to French cuisine. In conclusion, a recipe with mountain fish and Mediterranean flavors, which must be tried. Especially for those who crave a low-calorie, but tasteful recipe. Go to the oven or grill.

Preparation time: 30 minutes


  • 2 medium-sized trout
  • 1 lemon or 100 ml dry white wine
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 2 sprigs of rosemary
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.
  2. Clean the fish and wipe them with a clean towel.
  3. Peel a squash, grate it and slice it.
  4. If you use lemon, wash it well and cut it into slices.
  5. Prepare two pieces of parchment paper or aluminum, large enough that you can tightly wrap a fish in it.
  6. Grease the foil with olive oil, sprinkle with a little salt and pepper.
  7. Place the trout in the middle and fill it with lemon slices, 1 sprig of rosemary and garlic slices.
    [note] If you use white wine instead of lemon, add it before squeezing the foil.
  8. Lightly salt and pepper the fish and sprinkle with olive oil.
  9. Pack the fish ethnically.
  10. Put the trout in the oven for about 15-20 minutes.
  11. Remove the fish from the oven, carefully unwrap the foil as it will release steam, and serve it as such & # 8211 sprinkled with finely chopped parsley & # 8211 to preserve the juices.

The trout with rosemary and garlic is served hot, with sautéed or boiled vegetable garnishes.

[type] If you care about the caloric content, reduce the amount of oil by half. If you don't care, you can add 1 cube of butter. [/ Tip]

Paccheri alla Genovese & # 8211 Genoese pasta with beef and onion

You don't have to Fancy a serving of delicious pasta? I, for one, was in the mood. And not of any kind of pasta, but of some that I had set my eyes on for a long time: Genoese pasta. Despite its name, pasta alla genovese is a traditional dish from the Naples region, characterized by a fabulous sauce with tomatoes and lots of onions, plus some meat. It is usually beef, but there is also pork. What is so special about the sauce mentioned that it is considered a kind of & # 8220 queen & # 8221 of Neapolitan cuisine? How and when to prepare. More precisely, it is done slowly, slowly, over low heat, until the onion simply dissolves, the meat becomes so tender that it melts in the mouth, and the sauce changes color and becomes sweet. In theory, the preparation of the Genoese sauce can take up to eight hours:. Genovese: D.

As pasta, because it had to be matched with the sauce, I opted for tricolor packers, those tubular pasta, like cannelloni, but smaller in diameter and length (you saw them and filled with tuna & # 8211 Tuna packers, sun-dried tomatoes and capers). In their absence, you can use rigatoni or tortiglioni or even some penne (it is important to have tubular pasta, which can retain the delicious sauce inside).

Ingredients (for 6 servings):
& # 8211 packs 300 g
& # 8211 white beef broth 600 g
& # 8211 white onion 1 kg
& # 8211 carrot 2 pcs. (150 g)
& # 8211 celery rod 1 pc. large (70 g)
& # 8211 cherry tomatoes 10 pcs. / normal tomatoes 4 pcs. medium (215 g)
& # 8211 olive oil 50 ml
& # 8211 butter 50 g
& # 8211 dry white wine 150 ml
& # 8211 parmesan race 50 g
& # 8211 salt, ground pepper

In a larger double-bottomed saucepan (preferably a cast iron one, like a coconut), put the olive oil and butter. When they are hot, put the beef pieces. Leave for two minutes, stirring, so that the meat changes color. Add onions, slices. After another 4-5 minutes, until the onion becomes translucent, put the carrot pieces (cut in half lengthwise, then slices) and the chopped celery stalk.

Put the white wine. After a few tens of seconds, during which time the alcohol evaporates, turn on the low heat and put the tomatoes (halves or slices, depending on the size). Stir, cover the pan with a lid (ideally, a heavy lid and exactly the size, so that the steam does not come out) and let it simmer. How? About 2 and a half hours at least, checking from time to time if the sauce has not dropped too much (in which case put a little hot water). At the end of the time, you will have a dense sauce, in which the onion no longer differs, and the meat is very tender. Season with salt and pepper. Separately, boil more water with a little salt. When the water boils, put the pasta and cook for the time indicated by the manufacturer. Drain them and pour them into the sauce. Stir gently so that the pasta is evenly soaked in the sauce.

Penne carbonara with smoked trout and zucchini - Recipes

The taste of pumpkin pasta drove me crazy! Since I first made pumpkin, I would always eat pasta like this :)

This time I made spaghetti with zucchini and added a little kaizer, pepper, tomato sauce, cheese. a goodness!

  • spaghetti, grated zucchini, diced peppers, diced kaizer, salt, pepper, oregano, basil, tomato sauce, finely chopped garlic, grated cheese.

I prepared the sauce from a little hardened kaizer, over which I added zucchini, peppers, garlic. Then I added tomato sauce, spices.

I poured the hot sauce over the pasta and served with cheese on top.

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