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Cellar360, located on the main level of historic Ghirardelli Square in the Woolen Mill Building, is perfect for any get-together from friends who want an intimate private tasting to a large corporate team-building event.

Here visitors can sample fine wines, shop for epicurean gifts and take classes in the Food & Wine Education Center. The 6,000-square-foot facility offers one of the longest tasting bars in the industry, a private wine tasting Club Room with views of the bay, an outside Piazza-like dining area and a full demonstration kitchen. If you want to hold a private event, Cellar360’s Event Coordinator can even help you get just the right guest chefs and speakers.
Looking for a last-minute gift but you don’t live in the San Francisco Bay Area? Cellar360 also serves as an expansive retail space highlighting excellent wines from over 40 regions--all available online. Everything that’s in the store is also available online.

For the next two days, is offering 35% off any purchase when using the code HOLIDAY at checkout. What are you waiting for?

Whether visiting Cellar360 San Francisco in person or on the web, you’re sure to find that perfect holiday wine gift for your family and friends.

Cellar360 is fully wheelchair accessible with public parking.

Martell The Journey

We are pleased to announce that Maison Martell has reopened its boutique on Saturday, November 28 th . The visitor centre remains closed for now, we will keep you informed as soon as it reopens. We will make every effort to welcome you in the best possible sanitary conditions from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. These hours are subject to change depending on the evolution of health recommendations.

For any information, please contact the boutique team : [email protected]

We are committed to welcoming you in the best possible way and we kindly ask that you arrive with a mask. We will provide you with hydroalcoholic gel on site.

We thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you!

Maison Martell offers guided tours at its historic site in Cognac. A complete journey of discovery allows visitors to explore the world of Maison Martell and experience the essence of its history, its identity, and its know-how.

“ The Journey, a never-before immersion into the oldest of the great cognac houses ”

CookBookKarma for Cookbook Aficionados

If you love to cook from cookbooks, take photos of your dishes and post the results on your blog, you’ll be glad to discover the new site, CookBookKarma.

It’s an online gallery of cookbook reviews by bloggers. Just check out the lovely photos that are sure to make your mouth water. Then, submit your own photo with a link back to your own blog.

It’s a great way to check out recipes from the latest cookbooks, as well as to draw more readers to your own blog.

The site was created by my friend and colleague, Pam Thuman-Commike, who also started ProjectFoodie, a one-stop recipe search portal, which I regularly write for.

Counting Calories

The press of late has been obsessed with discussions of calories in alcoholic beverages and the adverse effect of consumption on weight. The reports have targeted women, despite epidemiological studies that have not shown alcohol consumption to be a risk factor for obesity. A typical headline ran in The Washington Post (January 9, 2013), &ldquoWhen counting calories, you need to think before you drink.&rdquo The CDC has warned that alcoholic beverages may add extra calories and reported that men consume on average 150 calories worth of alcohol a day compared to a little over 50 calories for women, with younger adults consuming more than older adults (

Alcohol is likened to a sugared beverage akin to soda since it is similarly high in calories (one 5 ounce standard drink of Pinot Noir has 121 calories while the other most popular varietals contain between 118 and 129 calories according to the USDA National Nutrient Database), but no more than commonly ingested &ldquohealthy&rdquo juices from oranges or apples. There have been no studies published looking at the effects on weight of calories from different food sources such as wine versus apple juice.

An important study published in 2012 &ldquoAlcohol Consumption, weight gain, and risk of becoming overweight in middle-aged and older women&rdquo JAMA Internal Med 170 (5) found that compared with abstainers, initially normal-weight women who consumed a light to moderate amount of alcohol gained less weight and had a lower risk of becoming overweight and/or obese during the 12.9 years of followup. This was the first study to look at the risk of becoming overweight or obese among initially normal-weight individuals. See page 18 for a full description of this study.

While it is true that alcohol is a nontrivial energy source (7.1 calories per gram or slightly less than a gram of fat) that theoretically can contribute to a positive energy balance and long-term weight gain and obesity, evidence from prospective studies shows that if the energy from alcohol consumption is added to a diet high in protein, low in carbohydrates, the effect would not be as high a risk factor. Data from the first National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES I, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 42 1985)) found that even though alcohol consumers had significantly higher intakes of total calories than nondrinkers, drinkers were not more obese than nondrinkers. In fact, women drinkers had significantly lower body weight than nondrinkers. As alcohol intake among men increased, their body weight decreased. Data from the second National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES II, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 54 1991) and other large national studies have found similar results for women, although the relationship between drinking and body weight for men is inconclusive with heavy drinking possibly associated with abdominal obesity. Some studies have shown weight gain when alcohol is added to the diets of overweight persons.

A recent study published in Nutrition Reviews (Alcohol Consumption and Body Weight: A Systematic Review, July 26, 2011) reviewed thirty-one publications. The overall results did not confirm a positive association between alcohol consumption and weight gain. The authors concluded that light-to-moderate alcohol intake, especially wine intake, may be more likely to protect against weight gain, whereas consumption of spirits has been positively associated with weight gain.

When alcohol enters the body, it is detoxified quickly in the liver with top priority. A small amount is metabolized in the stomach, and the less than 10% that escapes metabolism is excreted through sweat, saliva, urine and breath. Alcohol and wine are processed differently than other dietary energy sources such as sugars and starch so their effect on weight cannot be strictly compared. It has been found that alcohol induces an increase in the sensitivity of muscle to insulin and down-regulates the effect of insulin on fat tissue so fat mass decreases. Alcohol does increase the production of triglycerides within the liver but it is not clear that this translates into weight gain when alcohol is consumed in moderation.

A low-calorie line of wines from Treasury Wine Estates, The Skinny Vine, has 95 calories per 5 ounce serving or about 25% to 35% less calories than traditional wine. The winery claims the wines have the taste and quality of full-calorie wines and carry names like Slim Chardonnay, Mini Moscato and Thin Zin ($11 a bottle). Promoted by Christine Avanti, author of Skinny Chicks Eat Real Food, these wines are offered at A wine label called Skinnygirl was launched by Bethenny Frankel, a reality TV star and former Real Housewives cast member. The three wines offered, with an initial production of 200,000 cases, have 100 calories per 5 ounce serving, 12 percent alcohol and sell for $15 a bottle. Weight Watchers has partnered with McWilliams Wines to produce a line of lower-alcohol wines that are currently available in the UK.

I believe low-calorie wine is silly since women who pursue these wines are only saving about 25 calories each time they drink a glass which is no big deal, and for reasons described above, this savings does not translate into significant avoidance of weight gain. Women should not be consuming more than one glass of wine a day anyway. That said, women are frequently buying wine on visits to grocery stores and any product that promotes less calories or weight loss grabs their attention. Sensible portions and proper food choice is unquestionably important to health, but the low-calorie wine idea is an affront to women. This was pointed out by Mary Orlin, the WineFashionista on Huff Post Food, &ldquoWould anyone make a Skinnyboy wine?&rdquo

Further research is needed toward assessing the specific roles of different types of alcohol beverages in weight gain, especially concerning consumption patterns. In the meantime, it is mindless to wring our hands over moderate wine drinking since a glass or two a day appears to have little real effect on weight in those drinkers who are not already obese.

These Saint Paul restaurants have committed to the Ready Together Pledge:

11 Wells Spirits

Located in the historic Hamm's Brewery in St. Paul, 11 Wells is proud to be part&hellip More Info

Augustine’s Bar & Bakery

Made from scratch, in-house. All breads, pastas, pastries, and desserts are made on premise.

Bad Weather Brewing

Bad Weather Brewing knows the beer-lover's calendar is one that changes with&hellip More Info

The Bulldog Lowertown

Locally owned bar and restaurant with great craft beer and food.

The Buttered Tin

A warm and welcoming corner café and bakery where visitors can gaze into the open kitchen.

Cafe Astoria

An independent local cafe with specialty coffee, smoothies and crepes.

Camp Bar & Cabaret

The Cabaret at Camp Bar hosts a variety of professional acts from around the country.

Colossal Cafe - Como

Provided St. Paul neighborhoods with amazing food and quality social time with friends and family.

Dock & Paddle

Dual Citizen Brewing Company

El Guanaco Bakery Y Cafe

The best Central American bread of the Twin Cities. We have sweet bread, French&hellip More Info


Freshii is a global, healthy casual restaurant. Our mission is to help you live&hellip More Info

Grand Ole Creamery & Pizzeria

Serving homemade premium ice cream and delectable desserts since 1984.

Great Harvest Bread Company - St. Paul

Artisan crafted bread and goodies are main stage with delicious sandwiches for&hellip More Info

Holman’s Table

Holman’s Table is a dining experience that celebrates the spirit of travel,&hellip More Info

J. Selby’s

A plant-based eatery with familiar favorites reimagined as plant-based fare and&hellip More Info


Traditional fish, chop and steakhouse that strives to delight you with a genuine&hellip More Info


Inspired by Japanese cuisine, Kyatchi plates up award-winning sustainable&hellip More Info

Luci Ancora

Refined and inviting spot featuring locally sourced produce in Italian mains and tasting menus.

The Naughty Greek

A cozy and welcoming neighborhood spot where you can get authentic Greek gyro&hellip More Info

The Naughty Greek 2

Athenian street food made from scratch every day with authentic and traditional recipes

Parlour St. Paul

Inviting hospitality, carefully curated cocktails, decadent diner fare, eclectic&hellip More Info

Saint Dinette

Saint Dinette was born of a shared love for the art of life and the pursuit of flavor.

Saint Paul Brewing

Located in the historic Hamm's brewery. We make high quality beers by day sling pints at night.


Japanese eatery for teppanyaki, small plates and sushi served amid modern yet classic décor.

Tin Whiskers Brewing

Tin Whiskers is on a mission to make technically excellent beers features a&hellip More Info

Urban Growler® Brewing Company

Urban Growler® is the first women-owned microbrewery in Minnesota. Join us in&hellip More Info

Urban Wok

Global Fusion Made Fresh! Our Signature Sauces are gluten-free, vegan & made&hellip More Info

W.A. Frost

Experience their casual upscale American cuisine or their award-winning wine cellar.

Wabasha Brewing Co.

St. Paul’s first craft brewery to open on the west side of St. Paul, just a&hellip More Info

Workhorse Coffee Bar

Offering a winning combination of excellent craft coffee and stellar customer service.

Afro Deli

A fast, friendly, and affordable place for anything from coffee and tea, to&hellip More Info

Bootstrap Coffee Roasters

A Saint Paul roasting company born out of a passion for quality coffee and all of&hellip More Info

DeGidio’s Restaurant & Bar

Serving authentic, family recipe Italian food since the 1930's.

Eastside Thai

Great authentic Thai food on Payne Avenue, mentioned twice in the Pioneer Press.

French Hen Cafe

Cozy choice offering French & Creole-inspired breakfast & lunch, with gluten-free options.

Mojo Monkey

Not just average donuts, but donuts made with quality ingredients and by people&hellip More Info

Moscow on the Hill

Serving traditional Russian fare and vodka bar with patio seating and happy hour.

Sawatdee Saint Paul

Why not serve your guests the fresh authentic Thai food that has made our Twin&hellip More Info

Sherwood Lounge

Friendly bartenders, pool tables, juke box, video games.

Sweet Science Ice Cream

Making ice cream takes skill. Perfecting it takes science.

Shish A Mediterranean Grill & Cafe

Mediterranean café with innovative food that isn’t available anywhere else.&hellip More Info


Casual counter-serve chain for build-your-own sandwiches & salads, with health-conscious options.

West Indies Soul Food

Our tantalizing dishes are made with a distinctive blend of herbs and spices,&hellip More Info

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Spud Point Crab Company

Bodega Bay, California is a lovely little town and not far from where my mom lives. When our family was there for her birthday recently, someone mentioned a craving for the clam chowder at the Spud Point Crab Company. Bodega Bay used to only be known for the setting of Alfred Hitchcock’s frightening movie, The Birds.

If you go to Bodega Bay now, all you will remember is the great food at the Spud Point Crab Company.

Spud Point Crab Company is like a mini Fisherman’s Wharf. You can watch as the crabs come off the boats and go right into the cookers across the street. Watch as they are taken from the cookers and placed in the chiller, ready for you to eat.

How about a nice crab sandwich?

Or the World Famous Clam Chowder?

This unique little shop is only 360 square feet, but only good things come from it. They also serve chili dogs, hot dogs, tri-tip, homemade meatball, crab, shrimp, albacore, and seafood sandwiches. Red chowder is for those who are lactose intolerant. Hot coffee and donuts are available in the mornings to the locals and the fisherman. I highly recommend the clam chowder and a crab sandwich. But don’t let the birds get them if you eat outside on the picnic tables. Just kidding. I think they are gone now.

The chef’s table is an incredible blend of a shared food experience, interaction with Sea Salt’s top chefs, and an unbelievable culinary journey, with optional wine pairing by our in-house Sommelier. Witness artistry in its most delicious sense, as our team of master chefs prepares an exquisite menu – perfectly to order – just a few feet away.

A few of the awards we have received over the years.

World’s leading travel media brand

Required Eating in St. Petersburg 2020

Wine Spectator Awarded

Since 2016, Sea Salt St. Pete has won the Best of Excellence by Wine Spectator every year.

USA Today Best Restaurants in St. Pete

"An expansive raw bar and freshly caught seafood crafted with high-quality ingredients are just the beginning of the memorable culinary journey you'll embark on."

Freeman Farm

Farmhouse – Sturbridge, MA, c. 1815 Moved to OSV, 1951

Barn, Charlton, MA, c. 1840
Pliny Freeman and his family lived in this house in Sturbridge in the early 1800s. During this era, farm families were very busy. Besides doing the sewing and the laundry, women were responsible for raising much of the family’s food. They tended large kitchen gardens, planting, weeding, and saving seeds and then harvesting and preserving the produce. They preserved the harvest by putting root vegetables in the sand in the cellar, drying or smoking meats, or pickling food in brine. They also planned, cooked, and then served the household meals. Farm women took care of the family cows as well, making butter and cheese to provide much of the home’s trade with the outside world. Meanwhile, the men in the family plowed, planted, and harvested the fields, made and mended fences, tended livestock, and cut and hauled large amounts of firewood.

Travel Guide to La Rioja

The topography and scenic beauty of La Rioja, though, is perhaps its most precious asset. The region’s ochre earth and vast blue skies, which seem far more Mediterranean than the Basque greens further north, are captivating. In fact, it’s hard not to feel as if you’re in a different country altogether. La Rioja is Spain’s second-smallest region, and yet its diversity of landscape is astonishing. Rioja’s northern border is particularly spectacular – marked by the Sierra de Cantabria mountain range, it forms a natural protection for the vines against the cooler winds and rain from the Atlantic. To the south lie the Sierra de la Demanda and Las Cameros mountain ranges. The River Ebro, running through the region, has a host of vineyards on both banks, and helps provide irrigation for the vines.

La Rioja also boasts some of Spain’s most beautiful and unique villages, including San Millan de Cogolla, Santo Domingo de la Calzada, Briones and Laguardia. The regional capital Logrono is a stately wine-country town with a heart of tree-studded squares, narrows streets and hidden corners. There are few monuments here, but more important to some is the great selection of pintxos (Basque tapas) bars. In fact, Logrono is quickly gaining a culinary reputation to rival anywhere in Spain. Haro, the centre of numerous historic wineries, also has a heady bouquet. Its cheerful pace and compact old quarter, leading to the gorgeous Plaza de la Paz, has some intriguing alleyways with tapas and copas aplenty. Believe us, the hours soon slip away.

Visit Cellar360 - Recipes

Bleu Provence
Zagat-rated and Wine Spectator Grand Award Winning French Restaurant
1234 8th Street South, Naples, FL 34102
(239) 261-8239
Hours: Daily (5pm - Close)

Executive Chef Lysielle Cariot

As a self-taught chef, food has always been my passion. For as far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated by flavors, textures, and aromas. Growing up in Provence, I was mesmerized by the aromatic smell of the oils of wild herbs from the &lsquoGarrigue&rsquo, mixed with the scents from the flowers. To be able to play with those aromas and flavors, as well as preparing and combining different ingredients, is why I became a Chef. Cooking, for me, is a creative process of re-inventing and adjusting old and new recipes with imagination, elegance, and class, and making them available to my guests.

While our restaurant is open for you to enjoy daily, I would also like to encourage you to engage your culinary skills and try my delicious recipes at home! Bon appétit!