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Pat LaFrieda and Anne Burrell Hold Fundraiser for Our Troops

Pat LaFrieda and Anne Burrell Hold Fundraiser for Our Troops

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Former member of the army, Pat LaFrieda joins forces with celebrity chefs to raise funds and awareness for PTSD

A still from the movie, "That Which I Love Destroys Me."

Pat LaFrieda, New York’s number-one meat purveyor, is teaming up with celebrity chefs and TV personalities to create awareness and raise funds for a cause near and dear to his heart: the mental health of our armed forces. A former active army member himself, LaFrieda joins Anne Burrell, Adam Richman, and a host of New York’s well-known chefs for the Armed Forces Foundation’s annual New York fundraising event on November 12 at the Gallery at The Metropolitan Pavilion. Funds will go toward the Help Save Our Troops Campaign, which focuses on reducing the number of military suicides. You can get tickets to the event here.

“As our Armed Forces fight for our freedom, especially away from their homes and family, this is a great way to show them we, the citizens, are fighting for them,” said Pat LaFrieda, who serves as co-Chair of the Armed Forces Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Tastings, prepared by chefs Franklin Becker (The Little Beet, Little Beet Table), Josh Capon (Lure Fishbar), PJ Calapa (Ai Fiori and Costata), Paul Denamiel (Le Rivage), Alex Guarnaschelli (Butter, judge on Chopped), Harold Moore (Commerce), and Jacques Torres (Jacques Torres Chocolate), will be served during the event. After dinner, there will be a screening of That Which I Love Destroys Me, a documentary that follows two soldiers as they struggle with PTSD and reintegration into society.

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi

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