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Tres by José Andrés at the SLS Beverly Hills Offers 'Alice in Wonderland'-Inspired Afternoon Tea

Tres by José Andrés at the SLS Beverly Hills Offers 'Alice in Wonderland'-Inspired Afternoon Tea

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Celebrate the opening of 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' with a tea party of your own

Through June 26th, Tres will be celebrating the premiere of Disney’s 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' with festive afternoon tea parties.

Tres by José Andrés is offering a special afternoon tea to celebrate the opening of the new movie “Alice Through the Looking Glass.”

Inspired by the whimsy of Lewis Carroll's classic novel and the latest film adaptation by director James Bobin, Tres' Adventurous Alice's Afternoon Tea will offer a selection of teatime favorites alongside dishes created specially for the two-week event. In celebration of the new Disney movie release, guests will have the chance to enjoy tea served in unique and colorful pots — inspired by "Alice Through the Looking Glass."

The menu includes Cheshire Cat’s Savory Snacks — a cucumber, goat cheese, and tomato caviar sandwich, a steamed bun with caviar and crème fraîche, a vegetarian quiche, a smoked salmon and coconut sandwich, and either a guacamole or bagel and lox cone.

The Fantastical Sweet Treats include a soft spice cookie, lemon verbena and yuzu bon bon, matcha sesame financier, rice crispy bon bon, candy cap mushroom macaron, chocolate pop rocks, yuzu and raspberry pipette, almond orange tart, vanilla and strawberry crème puff, and queen of heart bon bons.

The special Adventurous Alice’s Afternoon Tea is $35 per person, or $45/$55 per person with a glass of cava or Veuve Cliquot, and will be offered at 3 p.m. through June 26.

Tres by José Andrés is located in the SLS Beverly Hills Hotel at 465 South La Cienega Boulevard.

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