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Turkey roll stuffed with chestnuts and mashed potatoes with blueberry sauce

Turkey roll stuffed with chestnuts and mashed potatoes with blueberry sauce

Heat the oven to 180⁰C. Beat the turkey breast a little, then sprinkle with salt, pepper and thyme. Beat the chestnut puree a little and spread it evenly over the turkey breast. Roll the turkey pipette, place it in the pan, pour it. top with white wine and bake for 35-45 minutes.

For the puree, boil the potatoes in salted water until soft. Drain then pass and mix with butter and milk until a puree is obtained. Season to taste and keep warm.

For the sauce, put all the ingredients in a saucepan and mix. Put the pan on the right heat and let the sauce boil, stirring from time to time, until it thickens a little.

Cut the turkey roll into slices and serve with mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.

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The chestnut is a strong and mysterious tree, which can reach over 30-40 meters in height. Very old trees can reach a diameter of 4 m and even up to 6 m. The edible chestnut often reaches the age of 500–600 years. The chestnut delights us in spring with its brightly colored branches and the fresh scent of flowers, so that autumn will pour, to the children's joy, a real rain of chestnuts. It pampers us with its large leaves, composed of seven leaflets, and the flowers grouped in large clusters that rise tall, white or with reddish or yellow shades create a real enchanting picture. Unfortunately, the parks and streets that enjoy their presence are becoming rarer.

A beautiful Romanian fairy tale tells us that long ago he was a poor peasant, from the parts of Dobrogea, named Castan who soothed his bitterness in the shade of a tall tree, which never bloomed and never bore fruit. When Castan's old mother passed away, the poor man asked the village priest to do his burial service, after which he went bitterly, to alleviate his pain in the shade of the tall tree, because the poor man had not even had money. to light a candle for his mother. Eventually, he fell asleep mourning his pain aloud. When he woke up in the morning, he was not a little surprised. The barren tree had turned into a green altar from which rose hundreds of white candles, adorned with the yellow flame of pollen. And a few months later, the tree bore fruit, only good for healing the sufferings of the sick. And as only he knew how to use them, he became the most sought after man in the village, and his fame spread throughout Wallachia. And after his friend died, the tree with the branches transformed in spring into chandeliers remained to bear his name.
But not only people enjoy the beauty and gifts of the chestnut. Attracted by the beauty and fragrance of the chestnut flowers, the bees also found in the flowers of the towering tree an invaluable source of food to give us the raw chestnut pollen. Apiland pampers us with the sweetest type of pollen that children like so much - the raw pollen of sweet chestnut and blackberry, a real guardian angel of blood circulation, an excellent remedy in stimulating circulation, in balancing the nervous system and in relieving the symptoms of menopause, in preventing demineralization and anxiety or depression.
In our country there are hundreds of hectares of chestnut trees, especially in the regions of Tismana and Baia Mare, but there are parks where the alleys are surrounded by chestnut trees and in other regions of the country, as they adapt brilliantly to the climate of our country. In Baia Mare, every year this wonderful tree is celebrated, through festivities dedicated to it, at the Chestnut Festival.
In Maramures, at the foot of the Gutai Mountains, we have a natural reserve of edible chestnuts that covers an area of ​​500 hectares, and at the foot of the Ignis Mountains we find it with oak, sessile oak, hornbeam, maple, silver lime and wild cherry . And hiking lovers will find in the area other attractions such as the fossil reserve Chiuzbaia or the natural area Vlasinescu Swamps, along with countless churches from the XIV-XV centuries and the house Iancu de Hunedoara built in 1446 as part of the old medieval castle built by Iancu for his wife Elizabeth.
Almost unknown, there is another forest of edible chestnuts, of almost five hectares, on the sunny hills of Ghelari, this time in Hunedoara county.
One of the most famous chestnuts in the world is located in Catania and is supposed to be almost 4,000 years old, chestnut declared in 1965 a UNESCO monument. Obviously, this chestnut also has a fascinating legend, according to which Queen Catherine of Aragon, returning from a journey, took refuge, together with her 100 soldiers, under a tree, for fear of a terrible storm that threatens to destroy everything. in the way. It is said that the only wisdom of that chestnut, which covered the soldiers with its leaves, was to save the queen and her soldiers. The tree, considered by some specialists to be one of the oldest trees in Europe, is known in Italy as the chestnut of the 100 horses.
But we, the Romanians, have a chestnut as famous as the one in Italy, a tree that the locals say would be venerable almost 700 years old. Beyond the rich fruit that this chestnut has given over the centuries, beyond the love stories that have unfolded in its shadow, the chestnut from Unguras, a village in Maramures, hides mysteries known only to him. The locals say that the oppressed people used to hide there during the communist regime, and during the Turkish invasions, it is assumed that the most precious treasures of the people were hidden here.
Beyond the legends, the chestnut remains over time one of the most loved and appreciated trees, both for its beauty and for the special taste of its wonderful fruits, as well as for the benefits brought to health and beauty.
Since ancient times, people have noticed the therapeutic qualities of chestnuts. In the vicinity of it, those who lack energy or those who often fall into depression are happily charged and become more optimistic. Not for nothing, in the villages of our country, people used to carry chestnuts in their pockets, as a sign of luck and health. Also, for those to whom life had not reserved joys, but troubles, chestnut talismans were made, with the belief that they absorbed the sufferings and replaced them with a state of well-being. Recently, studies have shown that chestnut extract protects the activity of the brain, ensuring optimal oxygenation, which leads to well-being and clarity of thought.
Chestnut is native to the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere and is present in over 10 different species. In Asia, the best known are the Japanese Chestnut, Castanea crenata and Chinese Chestnut, Weather in Castanea Molissima, and in America it should be noted first Weather in Castanea Dentata, American Chestnut and Weather in Castanea Pumila, also known as the dwarf chestnut.
In our country, we meet first of all the wild chestnut, Aesculus Hippocastanum, spread throughout southeastern Europe. Aesculus comes from Latin Escale, food, and hippocastanum comes from the Greek, from hippos, which means horse and chestnut that is, acorns. This is also the name of the horse chestnut, because it alleviates the suffering of horses suffering from tignafes, a pulmonary emphysema. It is also popularly known as pork chestnut, chistin or afghistin.
The wild chestnut was introduced to Vienna by Clusius, the gardener of Emperor Maximilian, where it was first cultivated in 1576, and then in 1615 Bachelier introduced it to France.
Its fruits contain an alkaloid, aesculin, with beneficial therapeutic effects, but toxic in large quantities. Thus, even if eaten by squirrels, they are toxic to humans. However, it is cultivated due to its beauty and the pleasant shade it pampers us with, but also for medicinal purposes due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, vasoconstrictor, astringent, hemostatic and antipyretic properties, but perhaps primarily due to the fact that it stimulates venous return. The bark of young branches, leaves, flowers and chestnuts are used, both as ointments for external use and in the form of tinctures or medicinal wine for internal use. But care must be taken that they do not come from Aescus Carnea, Chestnut, widespread in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus Mountains, because it is poisonous. The tree that appears to have appeared as a result of cross-pollination between Aescus Pavia and Aescus Hypocastanum but it is, with an exotic air, of a rare beauty, with its pink or red flowers that persist for several months.
The chestnut can also be proud of its wood of a special quality, beautiful and durable, being used to make furniture, barrels or in construction.
And we are not allowed to forget the benefits of chestnuts for treating sensitive skin, prone to rosacea, nor the mask for oily skin based on the toning and astringent properties of the active principles present in chestnuts, which regulate the activity of sebaceous glands. There are countless cosmetics that owe their effectiveness to the benefits of chestnuts.
But the fame of the chestnut still comes first of all due to the delicious chestnuts with which it spoils us. The edible chestnut, the sweet chestnut, with its scientific name. Castanea sativa, native to southern Europe and Asia Minor. It blooms later than other chestnut species, usually only in late June-early July. The chestnuts that we pamper ourselves with from the end of September to the beginning of November, represent an important source of vitamins and minerals, beneficial primarily to people with physical and intellectual asthenia, convalescents, the elderly and children. And it should be noted that chestnut puree is one of the few products that, when processed, retains most of the vitamins of fresh fruit.
Known and cultivated since the time of ancient Rome, the edible chestnut gradually penetrated in more northern regions than its natural area, starting with the early Middle Ages being cultivated by monks in the gardens of monasteries, and today specimens that are already hundreds of years old. be found throughout Europe from England to Romania and from Italy to Germany.
Chestnuts are often ripe or fried, in the form of fried being very popular in France, Italy and especially in Corsica. There is also a variety of Corsican polenta called polenta or pulenta that uses sweet chestnut flour as a basic ingredient.
And in Maramures, autumn has the scent of fried chestnuts, too often being greeted with the well-known "ships" cooked on the fire. And the housewives prepare from them the tasty puree, a delicacy that can improve even the most drastic culinary critics. Chestnuts can also be cooked in a pan, but the most common and delicious way to prepare them is to bake them in the oven for 20-30 minutes at 220 degrees Celsius. It is important to clean them warmly because after cooling they peel harder. To enjoy only healthy chestnuts, it is good to put them in a bowl of water first. Rotten, dried or worm-eaten chestnuts rise and float to the surface, and can be easily removed.
The culinary tradition of the area is clear - chestnuts are used as a dessert, whether they are eaten boiled or baked, pureed or glazed, in the form of jelly or in the composition of delicious cakes. In Western countries, however, such as Italy and France, the chefs of the big restaurants use chestnuts to fill the turkey breast or to prepare an excellent salad with Brussels sprouts and ham.
Chestnut recipes are extremely varied. From the famous boiled, fried chestnuts, sometimes with salt, to those baked in the oven, sometimes with pumpkin or from the wonderful chestnut puree, possibly with mint and rosemary, from the cream of chestnuts with whipped cream and to the various chocolate cakes or of vanilla with chestnut cream or muffins with chestnuts or coffee, mascarpone and chestnut puree, not to mention the roll with chestnut puree or apple pudding with chestnut cream, we have countless options to prepare a delicious chestnut-based dessert. But chestnuts occupy a much more important place in gastronomy. You must definitely taste a delicious chestnut soup, a chestnut soufflé or pasta with chestnut sauce, not to mention beef and chestnut stew, turkey roll stuffed with chestnuts and mashed potatoes with blueberry sauce . And you can't brag that you really discovered chestnuts until you tasted the wild rabbit with chestnuts, the goose stuffed with chestnuts and pineapple or the turkey breast with chestnuts.
Cecilia Caragea also spoke about the legends and benefits of chestnuts and chestnuts, but also about some of the chestnut dishes. The delights of the world, from the show cohabitation (TVR 1), Wednesday from 15.30. (Photo:, Wikipedia,

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The edible chestnut often reaches the age of 500-600 years. In Central Europe they are rarely older than 200 years, in Western Europe they can be up to 1000 years old. The largest known tree is the Castagno dei Cento Cavalli (One Hundred Horses Chestnut) in Sicily The tree platform images below are some of our most favorite beautiful flowering trees in different seasons. Just click to enlarge and enjoy these wonderful pictures of trees. Images of trees of different types of trees. Apple Pictures. Palm Tree Pictures. Beech Pictures Find pictures of Trees. Free for commercial use No attribution required No copyright One of the many great free stock images from Pexels. This photo is about Mac wallpaper, free wallpaper, wallpaper H 2. Burning method. If you use fire to destroy a tree root you need patience and quite careful preparation. The wood burns, it is true, instead when it is buried in the ground, the greatest chances are to turn to ashes only the visible part of the wooden stump, and if it is enough for you, you can use this method, without.

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  • The marten marter or marten marten (Martes martes), is a nocturnal carnivorous mammal of the mustelid family, with reddish-brown fur and fluff that turns yellow and with a white-yellow spot on the neck and a black tail. at 1.0 -1.5 kg. Lives 10-12 years. It hunts during the night small animals (mice, rats, rabbits), birds (pheasants, etc.), it collects.

Breathtaking spring images: Top 3 most spectacular FLOWER TREES in the world Here and there, the gray of Bucharest began to color. From place to place, an impressive magnolia tree rises. It is the flowering period of magnolia trees. Take time to admire their splendor. deserve! And in. . From a distance, thanks to the pink flowers, the Redbud tree resembles a Japanese cherry when it blooms, but it has features that set it apart from any other similar tree.

. The collection includes over 157 pictures that can be downloaded for free. Chestnut poultice can also be used for leg pain. To remove rosacea, a decoction of chestnuts is recommended, prepared by boiling for a quarter of an hour six chestnuts chopped in a liter of water. The liquid obtained is put on compresses and placed on the affected areas

Vector drawing of green tree. News bulletin. Subscribe to our Newsletter and receive regular updates on new images for free tree trunk cake Page 1 of 1. You may also be interested in: Chestnut and chocolate cream roll Add to favorites. mushrooms next to it and not even the trunk. Yes, the idea is insanely delicious, where you can 'draw' the trunk better. , taken with an unknown camera 12/26 2016 The picture taken with. The image is free of copyright under Creative Commons CC0. You can download, modify, distribute, and use them for free copyright for anything you want, even in commercial applications. No award is required

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  1. Shocking images in Vaslui County. A 28-year-old man with mental illness was chained to a tree by his mother
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  3. unatele icy brown
  4. But chestnuts occupy a much more important place in gastronomy. You must definitely taste a delicious chestnut soup, a chestnut soufflé or pasta with chestnut sauce, not to mention beef and chestnut stew, turkey roll stuffed with chestnuts and mashed potatoes with blueberry sauce
  5. PHOTO YOUR NEWS | Tree partially fallen over a terrace on Transylvania Boulevard: No one was injured by Ziarul Unirea August 25, 2020 A faithful reader of, sent us to the editorial office several images with a tree fallen over a terrace on Boulevard Transylvania from Alba Iulia

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  1. Outrageous situation in Vaslui, where a mother tied her naked son with chains to a tree. The 28-year-old spent hours in the sun in the yard of the house and no one intervened. Attention, shocking images
  2. A 29-year-old man died on the spot, after he crashed into a tree with the car he was driving. The speed was so high that the driver had no chance of survival. According to press reports, there were no more passengers in the car driven by the 29-year-old
  3. Comic images with Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, who visited the Brătianu National Museum today. There, Orban explained that Romanians will have a place to meet history, and then planted a tree that was already planted.
  4. The trees on Constantin Prezan Street, grounded. Pictures from the construction site started at the beginning of the month. Of. Marius Popescu - July. 15, 2020. 5. DISTRIBUTE. Facebook. He cut everything that was green and the tree then concreted it! Then he promised that if he gets another warrant he will put trees. Every thief put 3 traffic lights on this tree.
  5. Absolutely shocking images come from a commune in Vaslui. A 28-year-old man, who also suffers from mental illness, is kept in the sun, naked and chained to a tree. And the one who keeps him in these conditions is his mother. The woman says she is the first.

Pictures of non-colored trees - Tree branches, Tree house MiniChouChou Zapf Decor - Polished Thassos Marble Tree, Mirror with tree branches See more details and images of this house: House swinging in the wind - Photo gallery. You can have such a place right in your garden! Unleash your imagination and create a small world that fits, why not, in a tree! No, you don't need anything the size of the construction made in the park of the British castle Alnwick. Imagine a tree trunk up to 20 cm in diameter (many 20s in size) and spikes of 20 meters, ie how tall the tree is. ba e f correct. Ba mie mi se pare ff clar The Pejibaye palm is armed with stiff, black spikes that arrange themselves in circular rows from the base to the top of the tree. These tend to. Download stylized stock photos, royalty free images and illustrations from $ 1. Save even more with our subscriptions. Register for free

Decorating ideas and ornaments from branches and tree branches - DIY projects for the house Branches and tree branches can make very creative decorations and ornaments. You just have to put your mind to the contribution, the skill and, of course, read this article for more inspiration. Bruneta revealed the destination they chose and published holiday images on social networks, according to two spouses are accommodated in one of the most luxurious hotels in Istanbul, where they relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the shores of the Bosphorus free coloring pages for children with tree drawings with trees drawing pictures with leaves coloring. I present you pictures with coloring pictures of trees for kindergarten children. You can download free coloring pages with colors for preschoolers. Coloring pages with trees and leaves in different seasons, autumn and winter.

Painting With Wooden Frame Natural Tree Spring Landscapes Landscapes Framed Art Art Prints Decorations 50 X 50 Cm. 20 Flowering Trees Coloring Nicks Video. Flowering Tree Pictures Of Spring 20 Gorgeous Pictures. Spring Flowers Tree Free Photo On Pixabay The situation was reported by the mayor of Sector 3, Robert Negoiță, who posted the images on his Facebook page. The images show seven young people stopping in an area of ​​the park near the lake, and one of them pulls out an ax and starts hitting a young tree. Images comic with Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, who visited the Bratianu National Museum today. There, Orban explained that the Romanians would have a place to meet history, and then planted a tree which was already planted. I have a great satisfaction that I can be present today, here, at an important moment, in the place where history was made.

CoolWallpapers Wallpapers: galaxy, space, sky, nebula, universe, astronomy, midnight, ART, tree, star, outer space, object. Funny images were captured in Călimani National Park - a teddy bear was filmed by a monitoring camera while scratching its back with a tree, just like Baloo from the Jungle Book. The recording was posted on Romsilva's Facebook page Coloring pages with woodpeckers The woodpecker is one of the most famous birds in the world. He flies from tree to tree all day and hits the bark of the tree Beak, beak, beak Find out more about woodpeckers. Choose your favorite card and color And about the faithful representation I chose a master, you will see it at the end, where a tree that looks real was made. I'm telling you right now that he's masking a pole, but I'm also telling you that it's a place for tourists, so I don't know how inspired this idea would be in a private home. In the living room, the tree seems to me a beautiful decorative element, exactly. The car of Eugen Caragui and Robert Fus came out in the scenery and collided with a tree, the pilot needing to be transported to the hospital after the impact. Fortunately, according to the officials of the Romanian Sports Motoring Federation, the two are out of any danger. We are in an unpleasant situation, but it is known that our sport is dangerous. They.

Shocking images were captured in a commune from Dâmbovița, where a young man was filmed burning a dog, writes With unimaginable cruelty, the teenager sets fire to the dog. Moreover, the whole scene is filmed by another teenager who has a lot of fun because of the terrible gesture made by [They arrived at the arena a few hours before the match, and access was allowed only wearing a protective mask. In the images captured during the match it can be seen that the fans behaved exemplary and kept their distance from each other, being spread over the stadium of 67,000 seats. The accident took place today, around 6 pm, on the road between Alexandria and Turnu. Magurele. Two people died and a van fell to dust, after the driver lost control of the steering wheel and crashed violently into a tree. The van was loaded with wood. The driver and the passenger on the right died instantly.

A 55-year-old man from Topoloveni was the victim of an accident in the forest. Ion T. was cutting wood when a tree fell in his direction and hit him in the head. The man arrived in critical condition at the Pitesti County Emergency Hospital, where he died on Saturday night. Children can embroider the illustrations without using a needle, they can also fasten buttons in some places. Develop A recent study by scientists at the University of Glasgow found that the mummy known as Iceman, discovered in 1991, in the Italian Alps, surprisingly consumed tree moss before he died Breathtaking spring images: Top 3 most spectacular FLOWER TREES in the world If you want to remain speechless in amazement at the beauty nature, here is a top 3 of the most spectacular and beautiful flowering trees of spring Selimçatak Downloads Wallpapers: birds, castle, clouds, fantastic, Moon, Mystery, nature, swan, tree 5900x3500,157085

We have all seen this image on the internet at least once. The story of a boy who went to war and left his bicycle leaning against the tree. The boy never returned from the war so his parents left the bike there as a memorial Chestnut tincture, excellent against varicose veins. If you want to get rid of unsightly and painful varicose veins, you should try chestnut tincture. You need 300 grams of chestnuts and a liter of alcohol (40 degrees). The chestnuts are put in a jar, and alcohol is added over them

Diana cake with chocolate, chestnuts, walnuts and marzipan - suitable for Christmas or New Year. A modern Christmas cake, in gradients (shadows), a fine chocolate roll filled with 2 creams and a real marzipan core Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.. After they have dried, they are finely ground through a coffee grinder. Sift and obtain the chestnut flour. Mix the flour with 200 g of lard (unsalted) and 100 ml of oil and put in a water bath

Decorating ideas for the country house. Many of us have a country house that we often neglect, especially if no one lives there. Uninhabited and abandoned by the owners, the houses slowly deteriorate until the ruin completely encompasses them. Unfortunately, the villages in R # 503629: Download this image together with other royalty free stock images and vectors starting at $ 1. Save even more with our subscriptions. Sign up free download wallpapers №359214, bonsai, tree, japan, stand, table, light, leaves, wallpapers, pictures, images, desktop, good quality. The people of Timisoara have a grudge with humor and cynicism after images of a tree appeared on social media and the green space was paved on Ciprian Porumbescu Street in Timisoara. How to arrange green spaces in Timisoara. In the Balcescu area, in a sense, the trees are completely missing, and now they are on Ciprian Porumbescu Street.

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A 59-year-old woman suffered fractures to her ribs and remains hospitalized, and the fourth person, a 31-year-old man, escaped with minor injuries. According to police, the impact occurred after the driver lost control of the steering wheel on a gravel road. As a result, the car skidded and crashed into a tree. 02-09-2020, Spring Pictures With Flowering Trees Coloring

Free to print. Spring Tree Jurnal De Prichindei. Painting With Wooden Frame Natural Tree Spring Landscapes Landscapes Framed Art Art Prints Decorations 50 X 50 Cm. Finger Painting I'm Like

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Shops and prices - AleXer Christmas tree ornaments Wooden decoration with tree bark edges (CDT-MO9408-40) 12,00 RON !: (Wooden decoration with tree bark edges CDT MO 9408 40) Round wooden decoration with tree bark edges, with hangers. Color: natural wood, unvarnishedDimensions: Ø10 x 1 c A Brazilian man believes he discovered the image of Jesus in a tree branch that he cut. Several years ago, employees at Georgia Kraft Corp. they made a bizarre discovery in the trunk of a tree they had cut down. Inside they found a mummified dog

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Page 1 of 6 - Bark - posted in Recipes in pictures: Until yesterday I bought these barks, we like them very much, especially because they have walnuts. Azi printr-o intamplare fericita, am intrat in posesia retetei de scoartza. (haleluia) ingredientele 400-450 gr. faina 2 oua 250 gr margarina 200 gr zahar 1 pliculet praf de copt 2 linguri otet coaja rasa de la o lamaie 100 gr nuci 50. Un bărbat în vârstă de 26 de ani a avut nevoie de intervenţia salvatorilor, după ce automobilul a derapat de pe şosea şi s-a lovit violent într-un copac şi s-a răsturnat. În urma impactului, şoferul a rămas blocat în maşină. Accidentul s-a produs vineri dimineaţa, între localităţile Rezina şi Cetireni, în jurul orei 4:40 Imagini de-a dreptul amuzante. Prim-ministrul României a plantat un copac deja plantat - VIDEO. Publicat: 24 mai 2020 . 0 Comentarii . Titlurile zilei. Exclusiv! Un ieșean riscă să ajungă la pușcărie după ce a omorât în bătaie un câine ciobănesc german! Vecinii au asistat îngroziți la uciderea animalulu

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Nuci din găleți și castane de cai sunt otrăvitoare pentru oameni. Cum să plantăm un copac de bucle. Plantăm copacii cu găleți primăvara sau toamna. Cresc bine în plin soare sau în umbră parțială și se adaptează la majoritatea oricărui sol, dar nu le place un mediu extrem de uscat. Săpați gaura suficient de adânc pentru a. Imagini de la eveniment Accident rutier grav, la ieșire din Constanța spre Valu lui Traian. O mașină s-a încolăcit pe un copac. Șoferul decedat (galerie..

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Chipsurile, alaturi de alte alimente periculoase, urmează să fie interzise din anul 2021. Nutriționiștii și specialiștii au avertizat de multă vreme asupra pericolelor care se regăsesc în aceste snacksuri, însă acum puteți vedea chiar cum se fabrică Trupul unui barbat in varsta de aproximativ 40 de ani a fost gasit, in aceasta dimineata, spanzurat de un copac, la intrarea in Parcul IOR, din Capitala. Trupul barbatului a fost descoperit de un paznic. Acesta a sunat imediat la 112, iar la fata locului au ajuns echipaje de la politie si ambulanta Un barbat de 50 de ani a murit duminica la Darova dupa ce a fost lovit de un fulger. Nenorocirea s-a petrecut in zona stadionului din localitate cand victima impreuna cu alti doi colegi se indreptau spre casa dupa ce au fost la un magazin.Pe drum cei trei au fost surprinsi de o furtuna si au decis sa se adaposteasca sub un copac Răspunde la acest topic 17 răspunsuri la acest topi Acestia au nevoie in permanenta de un sol umed. Utilizare Castanele Castanele comestibile sunt utilizate pentru prepararea piureului de castane, care este considerat o delicatesa in multe regiuni ale lumii. De asemenea, in multe tari din Europa precum: Corsica, Franta, Iatalia dar si Romania, castanele sunt coapte sau prajite si mancate ca atare

Tort din alune de copac. Reteta Tort din alune de copac O feliuta este ideala alaturi de o cafeluta. Ingrediente: 6 albusuri200 de gr de zahar200 de gr de alune prajite (sau aceeasi cantitate de faina de alune)100 de gr de amidon din cartofi Se mixeaz #Jderul de copac (Martes martes) despre care se zice că ''in panda are rabdarea #ursului, istetimea #vulpii, agerimea #vulturului si miscarile #sarpelui''.Parcul Natural Apuseni, unul dintre cele 22 de parcuri naționale și naturale administrate de Regia Nationala a Padurilor - Romsilva, are o suprafață de 76.064 de hectare, în zona Munților Apuseni, pe teritoriul județelor #Cluj #. Asa ca m-am hotarat sa fac ceva cu ele si cum animalutele din castane si bete de chibrit ieseau din discutie, coronita a fost solutia evidenta. Sunt mare fan al reciclarii obiectelor de prin casa, asa ca am folosit un carton de la o cutie de imprimanta, o panglica de impachetat cadouri si frunzulite dintr-un potpourri (bonus: coronita parfumata) Preparare Buturuga de Craciun. Blatul: se topeste untul cu laptele luati de pe foc se amesteca faina cu cacaoa. Se freaca cu mixerul ouale, galbenusurile si zaharul (cam 10 minute) pana obtineti o crema galben-pal, groasa care curge incet de pe tel Cele mai frumoase amintiri se țin la vedere. Decât să uiți of pozele tale într-un album pe raftul of jos, of mult prăfuit of timp, mai bine la integrezi într-un decor care să le ofere și mai multă însemnătate. Alege-ți copacul preferat care să dea viață amintirilor tale, of here

Rețete cu fructele toamnei

  • Piure de castane/supă cremă
    Ingrediente: 2 căni de castane, ½ cană frișcă bătută, o lingură de unt, 2 linguri de miere și sare.
    Mod de preparare: curăță castanele de coajă și pune-le la fiert într-o cratiță mare. Lasă-le la fiert 15-20 de minute și după adaugă-le în blender alături de frișca bătută și puțină apă în care au fiert. Ca să ajungi la consistența de supă, mai adaugă apă până când devine lichidă.

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Ingrediente Piept De Rata Cu Sos De Vin Rosu:

  • 2 jumatati de piept de rata cu piele, dezosate
  • 2 salote (sau o ceapa mica, de preferinta rosie)
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 250 ml. de vin rosu sec (eu am folosit vinul Menestrel de la Cramele Rottenberg)
  • 500 ml. de supa de vita
  • 1 lingurita de miere de albine
  • 1 piece star anise
  • 2 cloves
  • 5-6 fire de sparanghel alb
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 40 grams of butter
  • salt pepper

Preparare Piept De Rata Cu Sos De Vin Rosu:

1. Se aprinde cuptorul si se fixeaza la 200 de grade Celsius.

2. Pieptul de rata, care trebuie sa fie la temperatura camerei (scos din frigider cu 1 ora inainte de aincepe prepararea), se cresteaza la suprafata folosind un cutit foarte bine ascutit si efectuand taieturi perpendiculare unele pe celelalte, avand grija sa nu se patrunda in adancime (sa nu se atinga carnea, doar pielea si grasimea). Se sareaza si se pipereaza.

3. Se incinge o tigaie si se aseaza pieptul de rata cu pielea in jos, pana ce grasimea se topeste si se caramelizeaza (4-5 minute) apoi se intoarce si se mai tine in tigaie 2-3 minute si pe partea opusa.

4. Dupa ce a petrecut 7-8 de minute in tigaie, pieptul de rata se transfera rapid la cuptorul deja incins, unde va mai petrece inca 6-8 minute (in functie de cat mari sunt bucatile, eu am avut un piept de rata mic si l-am gatit la cuptor exact 7 minute). Dupa ce s-a gatit la cuptor, pieptul de rata se scoate si se acopera lejer cu folie de aluminiu (nu se acopera etans, pentru ca crusta caramelizata s-ar aburi si nu ar mai fi crocanta) si se lasa 10 minute in repaus. Atentie, tigaia nu se spala.

Sos de vin rosu pentru piept de rata

5. Cat timp pieptul de rata e la cuptor, incepem deja sa ne ocupam de sos, fara a pierde, insa, din vedere timpul scurs din momentul in care rata s-a dat la cuptor. Asadar, facem un sos de vin rosu sec. Eu folosesc intotdeauna, pentru preparate pe care le doresc de calitate, un vin de calitate. Daca un vin e asa de prost incat nu iti vine sa-l bei, de ce l-ai mai pune in mancare? Asadar, am ales un merlot bun produs de Cramele Rotenberg, Menestrel, productia 2009. Producatorul il recomanda ca avand accente de gem de prune si vanilie, mie mi se pare un vin cu gust intens de nuca, oricum e foarte bun si va innobila pieptul de rata.

6. Salotele si usturoiul se toaca marunt. Se arunca grasimea din tigaia in care s-a fript pieptul de rata, pastrand doar atat cat adera de peretii vasului. Se calesc pe foc mic in aceasta tigaie salotele si usturoiul, iar cand se inmoaie se adauga vinul rosu.

7. Se aduce la clocot si se adauga anasonul stelat, mierea, cuisoarele si piper macinat dupa gust. Dupa ce scade la jumatate, se adauga supa de vita fierbinte si se fierbe pana ce cantitatea de lichid din tigaie se reduce la 1 treime. Se filtreaza sosul prin sita, se infierbanta si se potriveste gustul cu sare si piper. Daca e nevoie se mai reduce (nu va fi un sos gros, va avea doar consistenta siropoasa necesara ca sa aromeze bucatile de carne si sparanghelul din farfurie). In final, se incorporeaza in sosul fierbinte 25 de grame de unt.

8. In acelasi timp, intr-o alta tigaie se asterne sparanghelul alb neparat decojit (coaja e amara), se adauga 1 lingurita de zahar si 1/2 de lingurita de sare, se acopera cu apa si se da la fiert timp de 8 minute, cat sa se inmoaie putin. Se taie fiecare bucata de spranghel in 2, pe lungime. Se incinge untul ramas intr-o tigaie si se trage sparanghelul in unt doar atat cat sa prinda o usoara tenta aurie.

9. In farfuriile calde (se pot incalzi in cuptor, cat timp acesta mai pastreaza caldura) se toarna cate 2 linguri de sos de vin rosu, se aseaza cateva fire de sparanghel, formand un pat confortabil pentru pieptul de rata. Dupa ce s-a „odihnit”, pieptul de rata se feliaza perpendicular pe fibrele carnii si se aranjeaza in forma de evantai deasupra sparanghelului. Eu am adaugat in farfurie si cate un mic gratin de cartofi dauphinois (scos din forma individuala in care s-a gatit la cuptor) si putina salata cu dressing de mustar, otet balsamic si miere. Servit nebunia de mancare alaturi de vinul exceptional pe care l-am folosit si pentru sos, Menestrel 2009 produs de Cramele Rotenberg.

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